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screw the rules, i have money


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i mean, just picture a duel happening like this:


Dueler 1: Draw card! Wow, awesome! I activate screw the rules, i have money!

Duelist 2: What the heck is that card?

Dueler 1: When summoned I could do whatever I want! MUAHAHA! *throws oil all over Duelist 2's cards**lights with a match*

Fire: I BURN!

Duelist 2: NOOOOOOOOO!


lol lame isn't it?

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I think its a crazy good card, however just becareful so you don't get banned. I almost got banned for asking about seeing other peoples cards on a thread I posted, but got lucky and it just was locked. the points I give you is 6/10 cool card but again just becareful.

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