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Rise of the Skulls


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New cards coming soon ^_^




New cards:



[spoiler=Ranmyaku, the God of all Skulls]This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card cannot be Special Summoned expect by removing all the cards in your Graveyard from play. This card gains the following effect(s) depending on the number of cards removed from play by this cards effect:

*5-10: Both players randomly select 10 cards in their Graveyard and return them into their Decks. The Decks are then shuffled.

*10-20: Destroy every card on the field. Then this cards original ATK and DEF points become 3000.

*30 or more: You win the duel.


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Like all the cards and they seem well balanced to me.


Not sure of the usefulness of the trap as most of your cards need to be special summon you could deck run out of cards to quick.


The only card errors I can see are on Fiend Skull Warrior


"The Both" should be "Then Both" and


"This cards gains 100 ATK point" should be "This card gains 100 ATK points"


But I'm still new here and am always told mines wrong as well.


Hope this is helpful keep up the good work.

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