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characters for New fan-fiction


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Hello guys I'm locking for some characters for my new fanfiction called yugioh GX- Fear tournament. I need duelist who will participate in the Tournament. Also I need Bad guys also known as the Evil hunters!


Good guy or Evil hunters

Character name:

Deck type:

dueling skill 1-10:


rival (Optional)


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How about Darkar for the Evil Hunters, uh, dark or shadow deck, an 8 level dueling skill (really good duelist). He should have a silk robe with a hood, and a silver mask(optional) Rival should be main character or his family (family member) Idk what bio is srry. Use the idea if u want, if u don't, whatever. ;)

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How about.....

Name: Krazon

Deck: Burning Death

Dueling Skill: 10/10 (Perfect)

Apperance: A quite tall man with a black cloak and hood over his head. Also has a big scar right across his face, but you can hardly see his face. His dueldisk is black with red bits on.

Rival: Main character (Hero)

Bio: Leader of the Evil hunters and a feared duelist everywhere. He is the main baddy. He steal people's souls after he thrashes them in a duel.

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@ Killa ace: nice idea


@ fanfreak:

Name: Dez

Deck: Blackhole dragons

Dueling skill: 9 (brilliant)

Apperance: long black hair, black half-armour. Dark blue eyes and his dueldisk is black with dark blue swirls on it.

Rival: Zero (the hero)

Bio: One of the best duelists in the Evil Hunters. He always does what Krazon says. He is 16 years old.

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Good guy or Evil hunters

Character name: Bruno

Deck type: Hunting

dueling skill 1-10: 5.3

Appearance: dark green safari outfit.


Bio: A member of the Evil Hunters.He is known to be very satistic & will take advantage out of anything.His deck represents his personality well,binding his opponent's monsters & limiting their actions.

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Evil Hunters

Character name: Ecurb Lacert

Deck Type: Payback (possibly subject to being explained more later.)

dueling skill 1-10: 9

Appearance: Grey hair, green eyes, wears a blue and beige jacket and jeans.

Rival: He considers most of the high-ranked Evil Hunters *Rivals*, but he has has particular dislike for Dez, not liking how he always obeys Krazon.

Bio: Once a rather weak duelist. He met a teacher called Zephyr, who taught him. Eventually, he surpassed Zephyr. Considering Zephyr now obsolete, he left him to search the world. He joined the Evil Hunters in hope to become the leader, but lost to to the Krazon. Krazon took him in and Ecurb has been useful, but a real pain, constantly whining and saying how things *should* work. The only reason that the evil hunters haven't killed him out of frustration or annoyance is his skill. Ecurb himself is getting frustrated, and has considered betrayal many times.


Is this ok?

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Name: Oldor

Deck: Mages of light

Dueling skill: 10 (Perfect)

Appearance: A very old man with white hair and a very long beard. He wears a light blue robe.

rival: Krazon

Bio: He is about 1,000 years old and Legend says only he can defeat Krazon. He lives on top of a mountain.

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Name: Dracke Hegfelson

Deck Type: Airsknight Deck

Dueling Type 1>10: 10 [Perfect]

Appearance: ss65-hires.jpg

his blade *pops* out to be a duel disk.

Rivals: he particulary likes no-one but himself and his family, [loved ones] but he wants to eliminate all dark beings including the one and only krazon.

Bio: he duels people, and if won, banishes the Opponent, and makes him forget his past,a nd give them a new life, how he got this ability is unkown[ he uses it for good, he battles old people and makes them young again, [show off]], he wants to banish earth from all evil and keep the planet safe, he joined because he heard that there was some1 from Evil hunters there.

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Evil Hunters

Character Name: James

Deck Type: Dark Armed Dragon

Dueling Skill 1-10: 10

Appearance: Dark Brown Hair, Blue Eyes, Tall (about 6"0), muscular build.

Rival (Optional): None

Bio: An extremely powerful duelist who has won many tournaments. Seeking more power, he joined the Evil Hunters as one of their enforcers. Little do the Evil Hunters know, his real plans are to win the tournament at any cost even if it means destroying all the Evil Hunters.


Hope my character is okay. Dark Armed Dragon Deck List is in my fan fic. If you want to use it, take out the created card as it is a God Card specific to my fan fic.

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