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ShiniBlue: Written Cards


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Guest JoshIcy

Ok as far as I know the concept behind these cards is Deck Manipulation. Primarily focusing on Face-Up Cards. These cards me and |Dark Shini| will be working on together but because i seem to be having Writers Block for the last few days I shall post the cards here to ease my stress....



[Trap Card]

-Both players count the number of cards left in their deck and draw cards from the top of their deck equal to the difference of both players deck count.

(Major OCG error im sure).


Capital Deck

[spell Card]

-Select 1 card in your deck, flip it face-up and shuffle your deck. When you draw the selected card remove it from play and draw 1 card from the top of your Graveyard. If the card you drew is a Spell or Trap Card, place it face-down on your side of the field. If the card you drew is a Monster Card, it cannot be Normal Summoned or Set until the end of your second standby phase after it has been added to your hand.


|Incomplete Card|

[Trap Card]

Your opponent cuts your deck randomly and places the uppermost card of the bottom stack in your Field Spell Card Zone, shuffle your deck afterward. When the selected card is removed from the field, you may pick up the 3 cards of your opponents Deck and add 2 cards to their hand, (remove from play the remaining card). If you do, draw 1 card from the top of your Removed from Play Zone.


(this card is incomplete right now....)

(more to come.....)

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Guest JoshIcy

For Capital Deck: What if the card drawn is a normal monster?


the resulting effect is part of the spell card. and besides im sure you can find a way to special summon it with Ancient Rules or something....


again, i am not exactly thinking at my best right now but i do owe it to Dark Shini... (local thing)....

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Guest JoshIcy

keep track of your graveyard count? its an easy mill and needed some kind of balance.... if it were just added to your hand... i dunno, would seem overpowered...

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Deck Dimension Demon

[Fiend-Type / D-Warp]

Level 6

ATK: 2100 / DEF: 1000

"This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. You can Special Summon this card when it is added from your Deck to your hand. If this card destroys a Monster as a result of battle, you may place 1 card from your hand into your Deck (Shuffle your deck afterwards), and then you may add 1 card from your Deck that is the same Type (Monster, Trap or Spell) as the card you placed in your Deck. Activate one of the following effects, depending on the Card Type of the Card added to your hand.

- Monster: This card cannot Attack during your next Battle Phase.

- Spell: Discard 1 card from your hand. If the discarded Card is not a Spell Card, you lose 500 Life Points.

- Trap: You cannot set Spell or Trap cards during your next turn."


I know some OCG errors. But I'm not perfect, so if you want to correct it please do.

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