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Dragon Destruction


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Monsters (20)


x1 Van'Dalgyon the Dark Dragon Lord

x2 Blue-Eyes White Dragon

x1 Luster Dragon

x1 Lord of D.

x1 Spirit Ryu

x1 Exiled Force

x1 Witch of the Black Forest

x1 Kaiser Sea Horse

x1 Paladin of White Dragon

x1 Mask of Darkness

x1Cyber Esper

x1 Masked Dragon

x1 The Dragon Dwelling in the Cave

x1 Dark Effigy

x1 Chiron the Mage

x1 Snipe Hunter

x1 Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke

x1 Archfiend Soldier

x1 Mystic Tamato


Spells (12)


x1 Swords of Revealing Light

x2 Mystical Space typhoon

x1 Flute of Summoning Dragon

x1 Change of Heart

x1 Monster Reborn

x1 Soul Exchange

x1 Tribute to the Doom

x1 Pot of Greed

x1 Lighting Vortex

x1 White Dragon Ritual

x1 Premature Burial


Traps (10)


x1 Magic jammer

x1 Trap Jammer

x1 Dust Tornado

x1 Dimensional Inversion

x1 Call of the Haunted

x1 Magic Cylinder

x1 Altar for Tribute

x1 Level Conversion Lab

x1 Sakuretsu Armor


Wadda ya think?[/u]

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Once you have taken the time to remove banned cards...


Play masked dragons and maybe troop dragons and dragon's mirror/future fusion into FGD. Cards like archfiend soldier, cyber esper etc are unecessary here. But to be perfectly honest I'd white flag it and go back to the drawing board.

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In addition to everything else above, I must also say that in today's play environment, it is completely useless to play purposeless Normal Monsters. E-Heroes are fusion fodder, Exodia pieces are for winning, REBD, DM, and BEWD are for their respective deck types.


That said, you are running "Dragon Dwelling In The Cave" and "Archfiend Soldier". WHY?


For that matter, I pose the question WHY to this entire deck. What does it even do? What...goal, were you trying to go for here?

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