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<<Fall of Civilization>><<Cyber Altair's first card since 6 months or so>>

Cyber Altair

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If 1 or more monsters on your side of the field are destroyed by a card's effect activate one of the following effects


- Destroy that card and pay 1000 Life Points

- Special Summon up to 3 monsters from your side of the field



First time in what seems like a year that i found the time to spend 3 minutes searching DA for a decent image and make a card out of it.


The card is designed to be an Anti-Meta deck that reduces the terror of being blown out with DAD or most likely JD, once JD hits the field your dead so this is where the fact that it is a Quick-Play Spell comes into play giving you an option of either destroying him or back yourself up with monsters which should be strong enough to stand against JD and save you.



Art Catatonic Atrocity

By alexiuss


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