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Tyranno Infinity OTK


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Wins:87 Losses:3




Monsters: x17

Ultimate Tyranno x3

Super Conductor Tyranno x2

DMoC x1

Jinzo x1

Dark Driceratops x1

Tyranno Infinity x3

Gilasaurus x3

Destroyersaurus x3



MSE x2

Card Destruction x1

Foolish Burial X2

Trade-In x3

Reasoning x3

Monster Gate x3

AFotP x2

D Fissure x1

Heavy Storm X1

MST x1

Lightning Vortex x1

Release x2


Traps: x1

RftDD x1


It really does work, I usually win in 4 or less turns.

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Go through deck with Trade In, Reasoning, Gate, ect. at the same time retreaving any dumped Releases with Feather or DMoC. This procces also fills up my grave with monsters very quickly. Then I clear the back field with storm and then I Infinity, followed by removing from play all or most of the dinos in my grave. Then I attack directly for the win.

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I'd say you're pretty lucky, then. While i can easily see this working, I can also see this backfiring. o_O I dunno...maybe it's just me, but I worry that if you can't get what you need quickly enough, you can be screwed.


But I still think it's a nice build. I won't make any suggestions because I'm unfamiliar with most Dinosaur cards, so I'll just rate: 8/10

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If that happens, and it has, I just get it back with Feather or DMoC. As for not drawing it, that has never ben a problem so far, and if I continue with my current success, then I see no need for puting in trunade.

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