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My Defensive Deck.. Maybe it's weird

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Please rate it..




Man Eater Bug

Invader of The Throne


Tornado Bird

Sonic Bird


Luster Dragon

Alien Shocktrooper

Venom Snake

Dark Blade


Summoned Skull

Tyrant Dragon

Dark Magician Of Chaos

Barrel Dragon

Masked Beast

Aqua Madoor

The Giant Soldier Of Stone

Wall Of Illusion

La Jinn The Mystical Jenie Of The Lamp




Sword Of Revealing Light

Monster Reborn

Premature Burial

Venom Swamp

Symbols of Duty

Toll 3x

Curse Of The Masked Beast

Giant Trunade

Horn Of The Unicorn

Axe Of Despair

Maleviolent Nuzzler

Eternal Rest

Messenger Of Peace

Nobleman Of Crossout

Mystical Space Typhoon

Rush Recklessly

Dual Summon




Magic Cylinder

Secret Barrel

Solemn Wishes

Trap Hole 3x


Magic Jammer

Seven Tools Of The Bandits

Dust Tornado

Raigeki Break

Shadow Spell


Please Gift Some advice..

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It's 51 cards


20 monster

20 Spells

11 Trap

Cut it down to 40 cards. Remove the bad cards.

Trap Cards


Magic Cylinder - Remove

Secret Barrel - Remove

Solemn Wishes - Remove

Trap Hole 3x - Remove All

Magic Jammer - Remove

Seven Tools Of The Bandits - Remove

Dust Tornado - Remove

Raigeki Break - Remove

Shadow Spell - Remove


The rest are fine:




3x Solemn Judgment

3x Dark Bribe

1x Torrential Tribute

1x Mirror Force


Spell Cards


Venom Swamp - Remove

Symbols of Duty - Remove

Toll 3x - Remove All

Curse Of The Masked Beast - Remove

Horn Of The Unicorn - Remove

Axe Of Despair - Remove

Maleviolent Nuzzler - Remove

Eternal Rest - Remove

Rush Recklessly - Remove

Dual Summon - Remove


The rest are fine:




1x Lightning Vortex

1x Smashing Ground

1x Hammer Shot

2x Reinforcement of the Army


Monster Cards:


Man Eater Bug - Remove

Invader of The Throne - Remove

Hane-Hane - Remove

Tornado Bird - Remove

Sonic Bird - Remove

Opticlops - Remove

Luster Dragon - Remove

Alien Shocktrooper - Remove

Venom Snake - Remove

Dark Blade - Remove

Jinzo - Remove

Summoned Skull - Remove

Tyrant Dragon - Remove

Barrel Dragon - Remove

Masked Beast - Remove

Aqua Madoor - Remove

The Giant Soldier Of Stone - Remove

La Jinn The Mystical Jenie Of The Lamp - Remove

Wall of Illusion - Remove


The rest will do:




3x Exiled Force

1x Spirit Reaper

1x Marshmallon

1x D.D. Warrior Lady

3x Needle Worm

3x D.D. Assailant


My knowledge of stall / defensive decks is somewhat limited. Hope this helps.

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