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my newest deck (i ended building it befor a minute)

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monsters:des. hero - plasma

b-eyes white dragon x3


combo fighter

combo master

all the parts of exodia

z-metal track

des. hero - fear monger

gearfried the swordmaster

gearfried theiron knight

barron,mad king of dark world

lord of d.

magna-slash dragon

universe animal fighter

y-dragon head

lightning fighter

the six samurai - yariza

the six samurai - zanji

x-head cannon

des. hero - blade master

mei-kou,master of barriers

des. hero - dasher

alien shocktrooper

flame ogre

cosmic horror gangiel

gladiator beast andal x2

gilford the lightning


fusion:xyz dragon cannon

b. eye endless dragon


ritual:paladin of the white dragon


traps:anti-fusion device


spells:releas restraint

the flute of summoning dragon

monster reborn

white dragon ritual


lghtning blade

gladiator proving ground

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