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How to turn a pic into a Render in Gimp

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[align=center]Yes, my new tutorial.


1 ) Open your Image

2 ) Press the letter 'B' on your keyboard to get the Create and 'Edit Paths Item'

3 ) Zoom in so you don't mess up

4 ) Start cutting allong what you want in the Render

5 ) When ready to rejoin the dots, press CTRL on your keyboard and click the first dot made to rejoin it

6 ) Right click on the First dot and go to 'Select' and then to 'From Path'

7 ) After that, if all is correct press CTRL and K on your keyboard to delete the Background

8 ) Click File, Save As. Call it what you want and add .png at the end of it to save it as a render!!!


*Screenshots comming Soon*


Finishing results:



Rendered by me



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Needs screenshots so it doesn't suck.

You might have an old version of GIMP. You must press Cntrl + X to delete now. And before you do that you must hit Cntrl + I to invert the cutting so it cuts everything else. Not a bad tutorial.

No. I haven't been on GIMP for months now, but I know you're wrong.

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Screen Shots = pics of you getting to the final product. Showing the final product doesn't help at all.

Wrong. Also... why are the render and the original the same?


I think he rendered out the white background but it shows since the forums are white.

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