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Joke Convo with me and 72night


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with the permission of 72night

i am posting a this joke convo we had on aim


gphaku (10:18:31 AM): http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/showthread.php?tid=47056&pid=708901pid708901

gphaku (10:18:33 AM): look at my post

gphaku (10:18:36 AM): its on the bottom

k72night (10:18:45 AM): lmao

gphaku (10:24:32 AM): that was funny

k72night (10:24:42 AM): wat is?

gphaku (10:24:42 AM): i think that was the rudest ive gotten on a postt

gphaku (10:24:47 AM): no

gphaku (10:24:50 AM): ive gotten ruder

k72night (10:24:51 AM): lmao mayb so

gphaku (10:25:01 AM): i went up to this guy who posted a card

gphaku (10:25:06 AM): and said YOU SUCK

gphaku (10:25:08 AM): DONT TRY

k72night (10:25:14 AM): XD

gphaku (10:25:24 AM): but it was really bad

gphaku (10:25:26 AM): bad pic

gphaku (10:25:29 AM): bad card

k72night (10:25:29 AM): hey got to get the message across somehow, right?

gphaku (10:25:33 AM): bad effect

gphaku (10:25:38 AM): bad name

gphaku (10:25:47 AM): you know how hard i is to get a bad name

gphaku (10:25:51 AM): most names or fine

gphaku (10:25:56 AM): but his was called

gphaku (10:25:59 AM): GleekenBoosh

k72night (10:25:59 AM): lol

gphaku (10:26:07 AM): GLEEKENBOOSH

gphaku (10:26:09 AM): cmon

k72night (10:26:13 AM): XDDDDDD

gphaku (10:26:18 AM): Gleeken Boosh

gphaku (10:26:29 AM): ive heard better noises come out from a cow

gphaku (10:26:31 AM): Mooooooo

k72night (10:26:36 AM): :)

gphaku (10:26:39 AM): is better than Gleeken Boosh


gphaku (10:26:48 AM): Who says GLEEKEN BOOSH

gphaku (10:27:09 AM): i could imagine his name being that

gphaku (10:27:12 AM): Gleeken BOoosh

gphaku (10:27:20 AM): sounds like some kind of sake

k72night (10:27:25 AM): LMAO

gphaku (10:27:44 AM): like how all wines and beers have odd names

gphaku (10:27:57 AM): Gleeken Boosh would fit a German Wine Perfectly

k72night (10:28:01 AM): XD

k72night (10:28:03 AM): lmao

k72night (10:28:14 AM): do u have a script for all this or something? XD

gphaku (10:28:17 AM): no

gphaku (10:28:20 AM): its all from my head

k72night (10:28:23 AM): lol

gphaku (10:28:28 AM): am i really that funny

k72night (10:28:40 AM): ya ^_^

k72night (10:28:56 AM): post a thread :P

k72night (10:29:07 AM): with the jokes =p

gphaku (10:29:15 AM): have an dea

gphaku (10:29:20 AM): ill just post this convo

k72night (10:29:25 AM): lol

k72night (10:29:32 AM): go right ahead XD

gphaku (10:29:36 AM): okthen

k72night (10:29:42 AM): might make the guy wet his pants if he read it XD

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well ofcourse he isnt coming back

he said he wasnt

and he wont

you guys dont know how to move on


Let me give you a little saying


Life Has Paths and Problems

Either Way you go, you will face treachery

But When One Right way shines its glimace of Light

Dont Refuse It

Run Toward it

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That thread may be "epic fail" but one could say the same about your spelling.


Nowthere's no discussion there is no positive contribution that this could make,that could come from this and will most likely bring flaming from that guy, and a fight would start.


Play nice kiddies.

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