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my new exodia deck


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This is an exodia deck that i made.Please comment because i realy need to know if it's good or not.




Exodia the forbidden one

Right leg of the forbidden one

Left leg of the forbidden one

Right arm of the forbidden one

Left arm of the forbidden one

Exodia necross

Exodius the ultimate forbidden lord

Neo aqua maddor

Flame ogre

Dekoichi the battlechanted locomotive

Big eye

neo-spacian glow moss

Vampire's curse

Vengeful shinobi-3 times

Gladiator beast hoplomus-3 times

Bountiful artemis




Swords of revealing light

Nightmare's steelcage

Different dimension capsule

Painful choice

Heavy storm

Veil of darkness

Card trader

Contract with exodia


Hand destruction




Legacy of yata-garasu-2 times

Metal reflect slime-3 times

Magic cyllinder

Negate attack

Alchemy cycle

Zoma the spirit-2 times[/b]

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