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Goddess Set [incomplete]


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These are cards I made up after seeing the Season 5 of Yugioh. Basically they are based off the the anime "Ah! My Goddess" and some of Zeigfried Lloyd's deck in the anime series. I still need to finish the rest of the cards, I still have 5 more monsters to add and a few more traps.



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Hey don't worry about it' date=' most people if they were on would have said" WRONG SECTION N00B!" Or something like that. Anyways like I said pretty nice cards for a Newbie. Keep it up yeah?


Hey thanks XD. I've actually been working on these cards for 2 years now and I've just recently created them on this site.


So do you think that this set would make it really nice in a Fairy/Light deck if they ever make it o-o. *dreams*

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well, all but a few cards are from Ah! My Goddess the anime. "Freya's Enlightenment" is from (dot)Hack//sign. "Goddess Radin" is from D.N.Angel, and "Yggdrasil" is an image i found from Google. and i have fixed "Goddess Urd" now You should be able to see her now.



oh, might i also add that "Mischief of the Time Goddess" is my version of the card image. the effect and card is still the same, just that i had to use my version of the card to fit the set. (Cant really have Skuld be a different person from what i have in other cards)


here is the Original image for the time goddess, http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Mischief_of_the_Time_Goddess

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