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6 Reps for the only winner! They could be yours!


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OK, here are the rules



1> Must make a card from the anime, that has not been created into an actual card ( e.g. Seal of Orichalchos)


2> Only 1 card can be entered per person


3> Cards can be edited after they have been posted, but changes must be made before the deadline, and the card cannot be changed significantly (Only typos, changing OCG, etc...)


4> No-one with -5 or fewer reps can enter. Cards cannot be entered on behalf of another person.


5> If someone has already posted a certain card, you cannot post the same card (You will be disqualified for ignorance!).


6> Have fun!





1> Supercurls

2> ShwamShwam1

3> Enigma Zero

4> Dhpo

5> blazenz (?)

6> MjRiku





(Can be increased)


END DATE Friday 13th

I will judge on:

Accuracy of Effect 5/10

Image 2/10

Originality in choice of card 3/10


Sign up now!

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I'll play along in this one.



Card Lore:

This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card can only be Special Summoned by the effect of "Legend of Heart". When a monster you control is declared as an attack target, you can redirect the attack to this card and select 1 Effect Monster in your Graveyard; this card gains the effect(s) of the selected monster. When this card is attacked, you can remove from play any number of monsters from your Graveyard to redirect the attack to the attacking monster and multiply the ATK by an amount equal to the number of monsters removed this way.

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A card used by Bakura and iv always wonted them to relise it! Used in episode 200 against Seto Kiba (who managed to get to the roof of the Kiba Corp Bilding to battle Bakura even thought the power was out :) in the life :D )

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