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Fight to the finish! FULL and Begun!


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This is a contest between 2 teams!

Team 1and Team 2.




It begins when each team gets 5 players and you make a team name.




You dont get to choose your team, it is random.




The objective is to make ANY five cards. The five of you must work together.




So you are all making 5 perfect cards BUT they all must be connected in any way!




You each get a discussion forum that you team leader gets to make. The team leader will be the most experianced used with the most reps.




(Remember, none of this starts until the teams are full.)




Each player has to get only ONE card submitted in their name and the team may not have more or less than 5 cards.




Posted cards may not be edited or withdrawn.




It does not matter what type of cards they are but a variety is better - Such as 2 Monster, 1 Trap, 1 Synchro, and 1 Fusion. Again - I dont really care what kind.




You get graded by:


Graphics 20%


Effects/Information 20%


Team Work 30%


Connection 10%


The card itself 20%




JULY 10 9:00pm is the end time!




The winning team gets 1 rep each and 100 points each!




Team 1

1.Ultimateryan (leader)

2.Marshmallon king



5.Empress Gong Li


Team 2

1.Deswombat4ever (leader)



4.Phantom Ruler





Here are some great ways to get yourself disqualified!

1. Reading the other teams discussion forum.

2.Starting fights with ANYONE

3.Cheating in any way.


(Note: If a member on your team gets disqualified, your team automatically loses 20 of the 100 points!)





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