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Ryans and Kale's YCM Revolutionizing Set! Update - Stack rules added!

Ultimate Ryan

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NEW BOOSTER!!! (By Kale)


This is a sneak preview




Cover Card - Quarr - Zone Paladin



"Miso - Zone Hunter" + "Kase - Zone Beast" + "Hur - Zone Guardian"

When a Spell or Trap Card is activated, you can move this card to an unoccupied Card Zone. This card gains the appropriate effect based on the Zone this card is in:

-Monster Card Zone - This card cannot be destroyed by the effect of a Spell or Trap Card.

-Spell & Trap Card Zone - This card is treated as a Continuous Trap Card. Once per turn you can pay 500 Lifepoints to negate the effect of a Spell, Trap, or Monster Card, after this effect is activated place this card in an unoccupied Monster Card Zone.

-Graveyard - Special Summon 2 "Zone" monsters from your Graveyard. Put this back into your Extra Deck.

-Deck - Discard 1 "Zone" monster from your hand. Draw 2 cards. Place this card face-down in the Graveyard.

-Extra Deck - Add 2 Spell Cards from your Deck to your hand. Special Summon 1 "Zone" monster from your hand or Graveyard. Place this card in an unoccupied Monster Card Zone on your opponent's side of the field.

-Field Spell Card Zone - Both players draw 3 cards. Place this card face-down in your Graveyard.

When this card is sent to the Graveyard, put it face-down in your Graveyard.



[spoiler=List So Far]

1 - Miso - Zone Hunter

2 - Kase - Zone Beast

3 - Hur - Zone Guardian

4 -

5 -

6 -

7 - Techno Wolf - Hunz

8 - Techno Warper Draco

10 -

11 -

12 -

13 -

14 -

15 -

16 -

17 -

18 - Techno Dimensionist Dracon

19 - Quarr - Zone Paladin

20 - Zuarts - Zone Kingdom

21 - Cyberspace

22 - CyberSpace Prone Summon

23 -

24 -

25 -

26 -

27 -

28 -

29 -

30 - Zone Swap!

31 -

32 -

33 -

34 -

35 -

36 -

37 -

38 -

39 -

40 -



[spoiler=New Archtype Revealed!]

the Techno Archtype will be monsters that dwell in their Field Spell "CyberSpace" and have abilities that can, if used right can tie in with "Zone" monsters! They can Teleport.




[spoiler=NEW! Clone monsters!] They benefit the player who "stack" monsters! All else known is that they will be in the extra deck and have red border



[spoiler=Rules for stacks]

1. A Stack is a Card Zone with 2 or more monster cards in it, and at least one of them must be an Ally/Techno/Zone monster.


2. Only the monster on top can attack, and all monsters change battle positions to what the monster on top is currently doing.


3. When the top monster is destroyed do to battle the next monster in line becomes the top of the Stack. The top monster must be attacked first!!


4. If an effect activates that destroys all monsters, all monsters in the Stack are destroyed as well.

-4.1: if the effect to target one monster is activated, only the top monster of the Stack can be selected, unless designated by the card effect.


5. A card can be stacked like a normal summon, and it takes your normal summon for the turn.

-5.1: Ally Monsters, Techno monsters, and Zone monsters can be Stacked.


6. Field Spells work the same way, if stated they stack on top of each other and they their effects are activated. Unless stated, only the top card’s effect is applied.


7. Card effects for cards under the top card cannot be activated, unless it is an Ally Monster.

-7.1: All other types of card, Techno, Zone, and normal cards, cannot have their effects activated while under the top card of a Stack, and they are treated as if they arent there, unless they are targeted by a specific card effect that does so.


8. Cards in a Stack do not count toward the 5 card limit of monsters on the field.


9. Card effects that move cards to the next adjacent Monster card Zone can be moved to the top of 1 Stack.

-9.1: if there are no Ally, techno, or Zone monsters in the designated Monster Card zone then this effect cannot be activated (unelss there are no monsters in the Monster card zone at all.)


10: if an effect activates that allows an Ally, techno, or Zone monster to go to the bottom of a Stack, or rearrange the Stack in any way, then all Non-Ally/Techno/Zone monsters go to the bottom of the Stack, unless otherwise stated.


11. A vector is short for which position the monster is in in the Stack from the top.


EX: vector 1 (top): Legion's War Caller

vector 2: Techno wolf

vector 3: techno draco

vector 4 (bottom of current Stack): Legion's Magician of Tricks.


-11.1: Vectors are used for Clone Summoning Monsters, and other effects that might specifically designate a certain vector in the Stack.



[spoiler=Mailing List]

You can post saying you wanna be PMed whenever an update comes up, eventually whenn the set comes out!

1 -

2 -

3 -

(can go higher)




And Kale requested that I post a link to his original Allies so here it is

Kale's Ally Monsters

This set will change the way people look at custom cards!

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Don't Realy Like Cards that have the Text Unreadable.

And What do you mean with "This set will change the way people look at custom cards" because I don't think it would.


Also some effects are useless.


-Graveyard - Special Summon 2 "Zone" monsters from your Graveyard. Put this back into your Extra Deck.


The Zone Most be unoccupied so it would be Emty so no Targets for Effect out side itself


- Deck - Discard 1 "Zone" monster from your hand. Draw 2 cards. Place this card face-down in the Graveyard.


This card can't be in your deck it would go to your extra deck. And if by some ruling it would be possible you would still only draw him.


Shorten The Effect until its readble. It isn't realy realistic other whise.

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they are ment to move to the zones so it can go on the deck zone' date=' he would be moved to the side since he is unable to be drawn, then he is put face-down so his graveyard effect doesn't trigger.


Yet the Zone needs to be Unocoppied so no targets. Also if it would go to Side Deck say Side Deck not Deck.

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Cool, maybe you should give Zone types a sub-type, since monsters usually aren't allowed in zones for other types of cards. ^_^


Change "based on the Zone" to "based on the type of Card Zone"


Change "Lifepoints" to "Life Points"


Change "Put this back into your Extra Deck" to "Return this card to the Fusion Deck"


There shouldn't be Deck or Graveyard effects since they're almost always occupied and it would mess up the game mechanics.


Great card! ^_^

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I will fix it up' date=' but please don't rate the card alone but what you think of the pack ^_^



I give the Pack a 5/10 Its not origianal moving to other zones for effect. Your just the first person who has an effect for Deck and uses all zones. I think other people didn't do all because to much text.

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