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How will we all die? Please Move to Debates...


How Will We Die  

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  1. 1. How Will We Die

    • Burning to death
    • Drowning
    • We Wont Jack

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Okay, here's how we will all die.


[spoiler=How the human race will see their end] When I finally assimilate enough power from the corruption and death of this world, I will finally unlock the bodily shell that is Lord Davok. When my true form, Sauron, lands on the Earth, crops will wither. Trees will burn. And millions will die in the first few minutes I have been released. Your whole puny race will be wiped off the face of the planet like an eraser erasing a mistake. Then I shall merge this planet with the kingdom of Rural and rule it like a Paradise.


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There's no such thing as global warming. Ice caps are falling into the ocean... BIG WHOOP! Scientists are going nuts over some thousand year old glacier that fell into the antartic... THAT'S WHAT THEY'RE MEANT TO DO!!! After thousands of years, of course a glacier does that!!! Not too mention that glaciers are supposed to do that as I already said...


The Earths temperature is rising... Technically, yes. However, studies regarding this fact have left out a major fact. The OCEAN!!! They have left out the Oceans in their studies and as a result, the temperature is much higher then it should be. It is rising less then one temperature. The technology they use for this study should be a sattelite, but they don't want to spend the money?


The Ozone. It is not failing. In Antartica, where everyone is screaming about how the ozone is failing, is wrong! The Ozone fails every SEP-DEC due to a storm called the vortex storm or something. The ozone then returns to a normal strength afterwards.


Pollution is overrated. The air is actually much cleaner then it was in the 70's, due to upgrades in technology.


I for one think the media is spoon feeding us fear and crap for the sole purpose of scaring us.[/color]

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No. That is something called El Meanio, something that comes from around the coast of that big Mexican bay... Ugh... The name eludes me.


When some parts of the country or area get warm, others get cold. As we are seeing with storms, which the media want us to believe has to do with global warming, they are exchanging attributes. One end gets more rain, the other gets dryier. It's all balanced in the end.

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Sun exploding in a burst of miscellaneous Fire, destroying the solar system... (us included)


Flood theroy: We can hide in the mountains if needed. thanks to global warming, it cant be too cold there anymore. -_-


Global Warming: Meh.. we have too high a population to all die off from the heat. Go to Mt. Everest. I doubt it is hot there. ^_^

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