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Awakening of Variation [Preview] (Set will be released June 29, 2008)


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[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKLcxQ3WB8s]Set Preview[/url]

I will constantly update this thread with more information about the set.

AOV-EN001 - Starlight Dragon [Ultra Rare]
12 Stars
[Dragon / Variation] "Light and Darkness Dragon" + "Stardust Dragon"
This card can be Fusion Summoned or Synchro Summoned. A Tuner monster is not required to Synchro Summon this card, and the Levels of the monsters sent used to Synchro Summon this card do not have to equal the Level of this card. Depending on the way this card was Summoned, it gains the following effect:
-Fusion Summon: This card is unaffected by the effects of your opponent's Spell and Trap Cards.
-Synchro Summon: This card cannot be destroyed by a card effect. Once per turn, you can discard 1 card from your hand to remove from play 1 monster on the field.

AOV-EN002 - ??? [Ultra Rare]
AOV-EN003 - ??? [Ultra Rare]
AOV-EN004 - ??? [Super Rare]
AOV-EN005 - ??? [Super Rare]
AOV-EN006 - Dark Deity [Super Rare]
Normal Spell Card
Send the top 5 cards of your Deck to the Graveyard. Draw 1 card from your Deck.[/spoiler]
AOV-EN007 - Volcanic Blaze [Super Rare]
Normal Spell Card
Increase the ATK of all "Volcanic" monsters on your side of the field by 700 points. During the End Phase of this turn, both players lose 200 Life Points for each "Volcanic" monster on the field.[/spoiler]
AOV-EN008 - Reverse Arrow [Rare]
Continuous Trap Card
As long as this card remains face-up on the field, the effect(s) of any monster(s) that activate in a player's hand are negated.[/spoiler]
AOV-EN009 - Lightsworn Gardna [Rare]
5 Stars
[Warrior / Effect] When this card is Normal Summoned, it is changed to Defense Position. During your Standby Phase, send the top 3 cards of your Deck to the Graveyard. Destroy 1 card on the field for each "Lightsworn" monster sent to the Graveyard by this card's effect.
AOV-EN010 - Necro Draw [Rare]
Normal Spell Card
Remove from play 1 Zombie-Type monster in your hand. Draw 2 cards.[/spoiler]
AOV-EN011 - Majestic Archer [Rare]
3 Stars
[Warrior / Effect]When this card is Normal Summoned, you can randomly select 1 card in your opponent's hand and destroy it.
AOV-EN012 - ??? [Rare]
AOV-EN013 - ??? [Common]
AOV-EN014 - ??? [Common]
AOV-EN015 - ??? [Common]
AOV-EN016 - ??? [Common]
AOV-EN017 - ??? [Common]
AOV-EN018 - ??? [Common]
AOV-EN019 - Blade of Destruction [Common]
Normal Trap Card
You can only activate this card when a monster on you control is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard. Destroy 1 card on the field for each Warrior-Type monster in your Graveyard.[/spoiler]
AOV-EN020 - ??? [Common]

More information on the set coming soon.

Since June 29, 2008 will be my 1 year anniversary on YCM, I will only be revealing 8 cards before the release date. That will leave 12 cards hidden, and 12 is the number of months I've been on here.

More updates coming soon.
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Yup thats a really nice video and the song connect with it too.


Well I think I'll be waiting until my nerves come out so hurry up and do them.

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The effect of Starlight Dragon has been revealed.


The color of the card will be black.


Thanks to Darth Browarod for helping me with OCG for the card effect of Starlight Dragon.

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