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A Statue of Chimeratech

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I tried this a while ago, and it turned out to be an epic fail. Then I realised what I was missing! With my new card in here the deck's consistency has been way higher than I expected, nearly OTK'ing every time I play it, if I dont bash in my opponent with Gigantes, Rock Spirit, and an underpowered megarock. Enjoy.


Monsters: 20

3x Megarock Dragon

3x Exxod

3x Valkyrion

3x Master Monk

1x DmoC


3x The Rock Spirit

3x Gigantes

1x Herald of Creation


Spells: 20

3x Hand Destruction

3x Reasoning

3x Monster Gate

3x Trade-In

2x Magical Mallet

2x MSE

1x MR

1x Card Destruction

1x Heavy Storm

1x Trunade


R/F, it was on DMU so anythingis possible XD



Lol a huge mistake in my plans... Earth Giant Gaia Plant can be normal summoned. My whole reason/gate plan for dumping him would be off, now I gotta find a replacement.


Once more, another edit has been made. The very last monster I can use that is a Nomi and can be milled by ReasonGate is Master Monk, he goes in for EGGP, and now this deck can be made in the TCG.

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Card destruction might work, I'd rather fit in a MR or Premature, because I can easily have dumped a Herald or DMoC, and it's an easy way to get it back.


Edit: I already have one in here XD


Also, I'm not gonna add RFTDD, since all of my monsters are either Nomis or semi-nomis, and Herald / DMoC isn't gonna be removed. What do you think should go for reborn? I was thinking I just add it as card #41, or drop a mallet.

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