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Lightsworn and Dark OTK Deck

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Here is my dark and lightsworn, i saw a deck like this on youtube and thought it would be cool to try out



3xJudgement Dragon






2xGaurdian Of Order

3xDestiny Hero Plasma

2xDestiny Hero Malicious

2xDestiny Hero Fear Monger

1xD-Hero Disk Commander

1xDark Magician Of Chaos



3xTrade In


3xSolar Recharge

2xHand Destruction

2xAllure Of Darkness

2xMonster Reincarnation


Ok, there you have it, anyway there is no reason in running ryko becuase the win condition is to draw into JD with all your draw cards and obviously OTK

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If this IRL, it's okay. If not, no good >>

I run a "Twilight" deck (twilight is a mix of DAD and LS) on DMU.

Mine is like this:

3x DAD

3x Plasma

2x Dogma

1x DMoC


3x Lumina

3x Lyla

2x D-Greph

1x Stratos

1x Disk

1x Strike Ninja

1x Prometheus


3x D-Draw

3x Trade-In

3x Solar Recharge

2x Allure

2x RotA

1x MR

1x Premature

1x Heavy Storm

1x Trunade

1x PoA


1x CCV

1x Mirror Force

1x TT


Mine focuses more on DAD than JD, I just find running so many LS that it makes it so unreliable, even if it pays off for a JD. DAD is just more consistent, and it has more support, and I can toss out a Plasma or Dogma if needed.

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