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Pokémon D/P/Pt Club

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Welcome! You've just set foot into the Pokemon D/P Club! In this club, we will do many things...


1. Exchange Friend Codes and battle and trade over Wi-Fi

2. Hold Wi-Fi tournaments

3. Discuss Pokemon in general

4. Get help with Pokemon Diamond and Pearl


And many more!


Club News:

( 12/6/08 ) Nothing.


[spoiler=[b]Upcoming D/P Events[/b]]

Next US Event:

None known of.


Other Events:

None known of.




1. Christopher_Z

2. protoman527799

3. SOS Haruhi

4. dannywsa1998

5. superbull

6. pikapi02

7. jonpartida

8. Blade Yuki

9. HELLO234

10. FFXFAN21

11. starly

12. thesonicspeed

13. cameronsdog

14. Bandit Keith

15. sofea.azman

16. mou100

17. RUSS

18. lgkid

19. D-lock

20. dxjxc


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thanks man i have the wii so i'll get it but 1 when is the realease date and 2 is it compatible with D/P? Oh did you guys know they were making gold crystal and silver for the DS?


You its only compatible with D/P and check pokemon.com (its my homepage so I know a lot of things) Im not sure but soon. Also Im not sure about the Johto games but I have the original versions of those three. On gameboy color.

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well getting to shaymin and that seabreak path takes forever with the bike on fastest so for it you got to be patient. Guys I have become unbeatable

I will post my Wi FI code later and maybe hold a tournament. Do we have enough people? Anyway I have created ultimate teams so yeah I haven't been defeated yet any of you the same?

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