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staple card contest prizes 2 reps and 250 points


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your job today is to make 2 staple cards




Battle Aftermath






This card cannot be activated if there is another Spell Card in your Spell and Trap Card Zone. When there is another card in your Spell and Trap Card Zone destroy this card. By discarding 1 cards once every 2 turn's destroy all cards in your opponents hand and send them to the Graveyard. Then, draw the same number of cards that were in your opponent's hand before you activated this effect. if your opponent does not have any cards in his/her hand when this effect is activated you can destroy 1 monster on your opponent's side of the field.


a staple is a card that can fit into any deck e.g. sakerestu armour


I would like you to make 1 spell card and 1 trap.


How i will be judging


20% image

50% balence

30% OCG and card name




1st 2 rep and 250 points

2nd 1 rep 10 points

3rd 1 rep and 10 points

4th 20 points


entrys reserved

1Griffinsusername (entry recived. score 158.)

2Killa Ace (No entry yet.)

3MjRiku ( no entry recived.)

4carnage entry resevied score 141








P.S. Credit to chaos impacts gladiator thread for the idea






oops forgot the end date: end date friday

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I said a trap card as well no matter i will let you off this time




name 9/15

balence: a bit basic but have not seen it around so pretty good 43/50

OCG: cannot see a single error basic effect so this would mark you down a bit13/15

picture: love it 20/20

over all rating



card 2

balence: 34/50 effect is all ready around with the effigys but its ok

OCG: same as thelast card but more of an effort with the OCG of effect 14/15

name: describes the card to much do not really like it 6/15

picture: a loverly image look forward to seeing more of them 19/20

over all rating



contest rating




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I can only see half of the card on number 1




card rating number2

Balence 45/50 aq bit over powered with the fact you can not make a chain link out of it but it has to be face-down spell card so that makes it balenced

OCG not alot of text but no errors 11/15

Name unique and I love it 15/15

picture a bit realistic but meh it is ok 13/20

overall rating


for the second card plz can you either make a new card or fix it (I am sorry if it is just my computer.)

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card number 2 (Sorry for the double post.)

balence a bit overpowered but it is OK 26/50

OCG a nice lot of text and no errors 15/15

Card name : does not really stand out but niether does "Kuribo" 8/15

picture a bit dull and boring sorry I do not really like it 8/20

over all card rating



contest score



well done carnage



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EXTREMLEY SORRY for the Double post but for some reason, my computer won't allow me to post 2 Images or URLs on the same post.


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