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A btter ting 2 do.


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DUDE! I can't read this! Please for the love of good type proper english!

I'll try to translate for the forum. (I know Chat Speak)


"I don't know if this the right section but I suggest that all the Tutorials be Compiled into 1 Thread then Stickied. It's so that users don't make the same Questions again"


"If this is not the right section please move it"

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Where did you learn to harness these powers, spir- Jspamax. =D.

I seriously don't think chat speak has hit this low. Ever.

Haha. Sxon.

I think this might actually go into my signature. O.o.

As for the suggestion; Uh, no.

To be honest, New/Old (Lets not stereotype..) members repeating questions gives me a post to tell them their wrong; so where's the harm?


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LOL!. (Uhh... Hypocritical? =D)

You've got to check this guys posts.

I want to adopt him.

Just to watch him type.


OH!. He means like a Q/A Index.. Just realized..

That.. sounds like.. a pain to type.. and link.

Why don't you try it, RATM_007? =].

I'd enjoy it. Even bookmark it.


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Aren't you like' date=' Dark Pride?



R yu speking of him? D 1 hu use hs usrname s my brther. Nd srry 4 my englsh. I'm 10 yrs. old. Prmise, il tri 2 lrn englsh.

Maybe your brother can teach you to speak English? Also, I'm 11. *raises eyebrows*

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