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Freezing Wind, Pitch-Black Night: Dark Synchro Zombies <DMU>


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Monsters, Level 5 or higher: 3

3x Dark Tuner Chaosrogue


Monsters, Level 4 or lower: 18

3x Burning Skull Head

2x Double Coston

2x Goblin Zombie

3x Mezuki

3x Plaguespreader Zombie

2x Summon Priest

3x Zombie Master


Spells: 19

3x Allure

3x Book of Life

2x Fires of Doomsday

2x Foolish Burial

3x Instant Fusion


3x Terraforming

2x Zombie World


Extra: 15


Dark Dive Bomber

Black Rose Dragon

3x Freezing Fitzgerald

Goyo Guardian

Stardust Dragon

Magical Android

3x Pitch-Black Zumwalt

3x Flame Ghost


The thing I need is something that can search out Chaosrogue from my deck, other than Foolish.



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