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LOCK, Congratulations to Zaca!


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I am in need of a Darkrai signature, to obviously put in my signature. Since my signature, currently, consists of a 16-picture girl collage, I would like to get rid of it. My avatar and the cards I make should be able to help the YCMembers know that I am obsessed with cute girl pictures. But, I need a signature to show I am obsessed with Darkrai, which my avatar and cards cannot do. So, I need a high quality signature, made with two renders. Note that I can deny any signature at any moment. If I don't like the quality, I will deny it. The main details are below.


Text On Graphic: Dark [WHITE COLOR]


Sub-Text On Graphic: The Unknown Shadows [RED COLOR]


Images For Graphic: http://planetrenders.net/renders/displayimage.php?pos=-16643

Images For Graphic: Darkrai


For the first image, you need to render it, take out the "BIG D" button, turn it so the girl is facing upwards, and flip it so the girl is looking to her right.


[spoiler=Image Example]


This is an example of what the first picture might look like.







For the second picture, all you need to do is render it. Darkrai should be facing towards the left. You can choose to leave the reddish glow or not.


You may need to manually render or buy a render for the above images. If you want, I can pay you extra so you can buy a render from a shop.


Size Of Graphic: Any size that you wish to make, whatever suits you. Note that it cannot be larger than 450 pixels by 300 pixels and the images must be proportional to the signature size. If you need to resize the images to make them smaller, please go ahead and do that. Just make sure that you can SEE the images in the final product.


Type Of Graphic: Signature


Requested Artist: Anyone who is advanced at making Signatures. Cyber Altair, Disturbed and Problematica are the quality of sigs I would like.


Other Comments: This is the tough part, how I want the sig to look. For the background, either make it pure black or a space-y background. The girl should be on the extreme left of the sig, and the Darkrai should be a bit right of that, make sure it is spaced out. The text should be on the BOTTOM, RIGHT-HAND CORNER, with the text on top and sub-text on the bottom. The rest of the details are up to you.


Payment: When you make your signature and post it here, give me a price. I will tell you if it needs corrections, and I will pay you that price. The maximum I will pay is 1000 points, so bear that in mind.


Ok, good luck, guys and gals.


If you need any extra information, feel free to ask it here or through PM.

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I am not desperate, but I really want this signature. You can think that, but I don't really know if I am desperate or not. And the points are just for quality, I am obviously not going to pay 1000 points for a random sig. The MAX I will pay is 1000. But, hope you can get it done. ^_^

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1.) You didn't post a price, so I am going to assume you mean 0 points. ^_^

2.) The text needs to be moved ALL THE WAY to the bottom-right corner.

3.) Try to scale down the girl a bit so that she and Darkrai are the same size.

4.) I don't want the purple thing-a-ma-bob in the Darkrai render. Just the Darkrai only.

5.) Move the Darkrai a bit closer to the girl.


Fix some of those errors and re-post it. Thanks! ^_^

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Okay' date=' unless you give me a render of Darkrai, I can't do the sig. =/ I tried rendering, and it sucked. So....... >.>



Like I said, if you need to buy a render, tell me that in your post and I will pay 50 points extra. ^_^

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