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YOUR game of the year


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Now that the year is coming to a close, what do you find to be the absolute best game this year had to offer?? And try to give some reasoning


My pick would be Metal Gear Solid 4. Not only was the gameplay top notch and the online entertaining. But it was also the only game this year where I became any interested in the story at all and the only game where I actually cared about the characters. It is also the game that is still spinning despite Fallout 3 and quite a few other lay just beside it.


So, whats your pick?

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ahh come on Brawl sucks...

the best game i got so far is for the 360's BioShock and Fallout 3



compelling and ethical story line. it makes you think.


Fallout 3:

the best sandbox game i have played, ahh the people and there personalities, the robots, Gient bugs... ugh bugs Giant ones! and so many ways to play. just out right amazing.


god where those games amazing...

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