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Destiny Hero - Malicious

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Easy stardust, red dragon, thought ruler, etc.


also part of the teleDAD equation. (stratos add malicious, discard for Dark Grepher, discard a DARK for another to be sent to the grave from the deck, summon DAD, remove malicious to get 1, activate e-tele, synch for stardust/red dragon, blow up the field with DAD, game)...thats 1 way

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Not really' date=' simply because putting it at 1 will leave completely useless. Defeating the purpose of the effect.

[/quote']And that would be a dream come true:).

It's the mistake card. A card that needs to be banned, but can't because it will be useless traditional-wise, and it will be just another Larvae Moth or filler. What a dilemma. They should'nt have made it in the first place.


Destiny Hero - Delicious sounds hot. Give her boobs, an uber-attractive face and a macabre gettup and we have business.

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Seriously though' date=' tits on Malicious ASAP.

[/quote']Sound like someone is in need of a female companion:).


oh no you di'int!!


That's my man ya sleezy jabroni, you go bring yoself outta this place or i'll slap tha sh!t outta youu

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