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Suggestion conserning the Calendar.


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Hello! Maybe its me, but im a little disappointed that YCM keeps the calender so Out of Whack that nothing but Birthdays are mentioned. I believe the calender should produce more Information, or at least allow for More members to edit the calender with such Information s the following:


-TV/ANIME/MOVIE Dates (On the topic of Yugioh. For example, like when the new season Starts and Ends)


-YCM Schedualed Server Events (What days we can expect YCM to be down and back up)


-Public Events (Like Expos, and Tournaments)


Things of that nature.


Any way, just a suggestion.

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Plus 5Ds aires every week without fail in Japan (except if sports or a holiday kicks it off). I don't really see the point. If you did card releases they'd be the question of TCG or OCG, if you did anime raw or dub (which aires when ever the dubbers decided they can be asked to release it)? Imagine the arguments.

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