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Equip Spell-esque Construction cards


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Construction Lifter -EARTH-



You can pay 800 lifepoints to flip over the top 3 cards of your deck, And add any Equip Spells among them to your hand. This card cannot attack during the turn you activate this effect.

1400ATK / 1700DEF


Construction Worker -EARTH-



You can tribute this card to add 1 Equip Spell from your deck to your hand. Your deck then shuffled. During the turn you activate this effect, You cannot preform your battlephase.

1000ATK / 1100DEF


Construction Driller -EARTH-



You can add 1 Equip Spell from your deck to your hand, Instead of conducting your normal Draw Phase. Your deck then shuffled.

500ATK / 500DEF


Construction Wrecker -EARTH-



When this card is Normal Summoned, Add 1 Equip Spell from your deck to your hand. You cannot activate that Equip Spell this turn.

1900ATK / 2300DEF


Construction Crane -EARTH-



You can send an Equip Spell equipped to this card to the graveyard, And this card can attack your opponet's lifepoints directly this turn.

1000ATK / 1300DEF


Hard Hat -Equip Spell-

(Its suposed to be a Met-esque Hard Hat, Thats why you take no damage from it)

Equip only to a "Construction" monster. Once per turn, The equipped monster cannot be destroyed, And all battle damage the equiped monster takes is 0.


Power Drill -Equip Spell-

Equip only to a "Construction" monster. The equipped monsters gains 500ATK, and if it attacks, with an ATK higher then the DEF of the opponet's defence position monster, Inflict the difference as battle damage to the opponet's lifepoints.


Safety Net -Equip Spell-

If the equipped monster would be destroyed, You can send this card to the graveyard to prevent the destruction.


Weapon Smithing -Spell-

Discard 1 card, Add 1 Equip Spell from your deck to your hand. You cannot activate the Equip Spell card this turn.


Buster Tool -Trap-

You can only activate this card when a monster on your side of the field is selected as an attack target. Equip 1 Equip Spell from your graveyard to the attack target monster. during the endphase, Send the Equip Spell card to the graveyard, And you take 800 points of damage.


Shadow Bind -Trap-

If this card is destroyed, While face-down, Prevent this card's destruction and equip this card to a face-up monster on the field as an Equip Spell card. The equipped monster loses 1000ATK and DEF points.


Lock & Load -Trap-

Pay half your lifepoints to activate. Equip as many Equip Spell cards as possible from your graveyard to face-up monster(s) on the field. During the Endphase of this turn, Destroy all monsters equipped with Equip Spells that were equipped with this effect.


Because Power Tool Dragon is awesome

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