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Zombie deck so far...


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this is the current state of my zombie deck.


Deck Name: Zombie Swarm

Count: 41


Monsters: 21


Dark Armed Dragon

Il Blud x2

Malevolent Mech - Goku En

Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon

Ryu Kokki

The Tricky



Armageddon Knight

Mezuki x3

Plaguespreader Zombie x3

Pyramid Turtle x3

Spirit Reaper

Zombie Master x3


Spells: 15

Book of Life x2

Burial from a Different Dimension x2

Call of the Mummy

Card Destruction

Card of Safe Return x2

Creature Swap

Foolish Burial x2

Heavy Storm

Monster Reborn

Mystical Space Typhoon

Tribute to the Doomed


Traps: 5

Bottomless Trap Hole

Crush Card Virus

Mirror Force

Solemn Judgment

Torrential Tribute


Extra Deck: 11

Goyo Guardian

Doomkaiser Dragon x2

Revived King Ha Des

Stardust Dragon x2

Black Rose Dragon

Iron Chain Dragon

Red Dragon Archfiend x2

Magical Android

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needs more solemns and maybe RFTDD; you should be able to change your grave count enough to not need Prometh or Ninja.

Drop Pyramids for Goblin Zombies.

You got 1 DAD, 3x PGZ and CCV. Looks like another DAD might be easy.

Drop Creature swap, TttD, CotM, and all the tribute monsters except DAD and Blud.

extra deck could be a bit better :/

^^that should do it

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