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My Blue-Eyes White Dragon Deck Plz Rate


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What Do I need to switch or how does it look right now


My Dragon Deck


-Blue:Normal Monster

-Red:Effect Monster






3x Blue-Eyes White Dragon

White-Horned Dragon

Red-Eyes Black Dragon

Luster Dragon #2

2x The White Stone of Legend

2x Masked Dragon

2x Kaiser Sea Horse

Paladin of White Dragon

2x Kaibaman

2x Luster Dragon

Infernal Dragon

Twin-Headed Behemoth

Lord of D.

2x Stamping Destruction

2x Ancient Rules

Dust Tornado

Magic Jammer

Trap Jammer


Mirror Force

Mystical Space Typhoon

The Flute of Summoning Dragon

Dragon's Mirror

Stray Lambs

United We Stand

Heavy Strom

Brain Control

Swords of Revealing Light

Monster Reborn

White Dragon Ritual

Axe Of Despair

Five Headed Dragon

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

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