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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness Shop!

Master of Shadows

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Okay! I'll tell you what this shop is all about. When you die in PMD Explorers of Darkness, you willl recieve a message that says: Wait for Rescue? Or something like that. Select "Yes". Then, go to the Wonder Mail section on the Main Menu. Choose "Send SOS Mail". Then, you will be asked how you want to send it. Choose "Password". Then, post your Password here, or send it to me in a PM, and then i will go rescue you.

If you want a certain Pokemon to join your team, i can get you the one you need. If you order, i will make a wonder mail to get the pokemon you want to join you, and then i will send the WM to you.(It cannot be Legendary.)You get it in Level 1 when it joins you, and it will be in Beach Cave B1F. If you order 2, the second one gets to the Beach Cave B2F, and so on.


Rescue(10 Points)

Pokemon Recruitment(Not Legendary.)(5 Points)





Rescue Password:

Floor you died on:



[spoiler=Pokemon Recruitment]

Pokemon you want recruited:





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