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Dark Ritual Deck NEED HELP!!


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Deck based on Contract With the Abyss using cards I own


I have tried it several times against other decks and decks-to-beat found online


It works pretty fast, combos and chains well. However, it has several drawbacks and.. is short 1 card


What can I do to make it tournament legal and reliable by tomorrow's tournament?


Any help would be appreciated 8-)

(Please no Mirror Forces or expensive techs. If anything, I'm on a $10 budget)


DARK Ritual Deck

Monsters 14

Demise King of Armageddon x3

Ruin Queen of Obivion x2

Dark Master Zorc x2

Manju of the Ten Tousand Hands x3

Ritual Raven x2


Morphing Jar


Spells 16

Contract With the Abyss x3

End of the World x3

Fullfillment of the Contract x2

Monster Reborn

Heavy Storm

Nobleman of Crossout x2

Pot of Avarice

Magical Stone Excavation

Enemy Controller

Mystical Space Typhoon


Traps 9

Spell Shield Type-8 x2

Torrential Tribute

Good Goblin Housekeeping x3

Waboku x3

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Hmm, well, if you add some weak monsters to your deck (such as "Kuriboh") and you play the weak monster, your opponent will probably attack it, like bait. so maybe Mirror Force, but that's hard to find (and you said "no". Just read it. SRY!). Another trap is common, but it's handy. It's called Spellbinding Circle. But I can see you don't really focose on traps. but if your opponent has lots of traps, you don't want them to activate them. So if you added a Jizo (found in the Anniversery Pack), the game basically wouldn't have any traps. But if no Jinzo, here are the SIMPLE traps I suggest:


Spellbinding Circle 1

Divine Wrath X1

Trap Hole X1

Sarkeratsu Armor (My Fav) X1

+Trap Cards You Already Have




Jizo (Anniversery Pack) X1


Hope IT Helps!


Oh yeah! Add alot of equip spells to Jizo, increase his attack. He's kinda weak, and you don't want him being destroyed!

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