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Skill Drain

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My b, skill fish.

Total: 41

Monsters: 22

Levia Dragon Daedalius x 2

Terrorking Salmon x3

Warrior of Atlantis x3

Golden Flying Fish x 2

Cranium Fish x2

Oyster Meister x 2

Super Ancient DeepSea King Coelacanth x 2

Deepsea Macrotrema x 2

Abyssal King Shark x 2

Unshaven Angler x 2


Spells: 10

Terraforming x 2

Salvage x 2

Big Wave Small Wave x 2

Legendary Ocean x 3

Monster Reborn x1



Spiritual Water Art- Aoi x 2

Fish Depth Charge x 3

Skill Drain x 3

Torrential Tribute x 1


An fun deck. Skill Drain isn't the main theme, but the deck can still function while it's on the field.

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This is my deck try this its a skill drain

Monster Cards Total x 20

x3 Goblin attack force

x2 Toon Goblin attack force

x1 Goblin elite attack force

x3 indomitable fighter lei lei

x3 giant orc

x3 majestic mech - ohka

x3 malevolent mech - Goku en- be careful with this card i only tribute for this

x1 exiled force

x1 gorz the emissary of darkness

Spell Cards Total x 7

heavy storm

x1 twister-like Mystical Space but 500 life points

brain control

Reinforcement of the army-to get any warrior mostly exiled force or Goblin attack

Mystical space typhoon

monster reborn

swords of revealing light

Trap Cards Total x 13

x3 destruction jammer-to stop cards like Mirror force,torrential,Dark armed Dragon,AND SOLEMN Judgement!

magic cylinder

x2 skill drain-only need two 3 is too much

x3 defence draw-to regain cards from destruction jammer and to stop loss of life points


torrential tribute

chthonian blast-fun card usually your monster is the strongest

triggered summon-another fun card you play to get a stronger monster than theirs or to use exiled forces effect



you can add to it because its only a 40 card deck.

Reply back please THANKZ

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Good job reviving an almost 3 month old thread. When a topic hasnt been posted in for more than a month and you arent the original topic creator' date=' dont post there. Dont do it again. You can get into trouble for it.



oh im sorry for that i didnt notice it

im new at this

sorry can you help find a forum

on that for me and send a link so i can

post that comment thanx

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