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Arm has lost his mind(Its a Genex deck)


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Go ahead, Laugh if you want.

but I like the 'Genex' cards D:


Monsters - 22

Spare Genex x3

Genex Heat x2

Genex Worker x3

Genex Searcher x2

Turbine Genex x3


Morphing Jar

Giant Rat x3

Genex Gaia x3

Solor Genex - its a beatstick


Spell - 12

Card Destruction

Monster Reborn

Lightning Vortex x2

Heavy Storm

Mystic Space Typhoon

Pot of Avarice

Double Summon x2(LOLWUT?)

Limiter Removal

Book of Moon x2(I like this card :3)


Trap - 8

Mirror Force

Solemn Judgment x3

Reckless Greed

Threatning Roar x3


Total = 42

Extra: [insert random Syncrhos + the Genex Synchros here]

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