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Naruto Alliance (No More Joining members [From THIS alliance, other allainces welcomed])


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Welcome to the Naruto Alliance

In the Naruto Alliance, we talk about anime, cards, any other stuff you can think of. Okay here is how it works. The Naruto Alliance is not just a club, but also a fan fic. I don't know if theres a section for both but lets just leav it in the club section. Start today.


Here comes the interesting part, like I said before, it also like a fan fic.

Well make your own naruto character (With description on how they look), pick you land of country from below. Some from the Naruto show, and some make believe. and when you join, you get assigned to 3 jutsus by me. Choose your side as good or evil. Choose you clan, you choose it, not a list you pick from, make up one. Or don't choose one at all. The longer you are in the club, the better chance you will level up from ninja students, to hokage. You even get to star in a fanfic if chosen for it.

Starring in a fan fic is a huge appertunity to get more jutsus for your character. Note: I will try to make the fan fic interesting. If your picked, tell me what theme you want in the Fan fic. Or I can pick for you. Your choice.

Hope you have a good time in the Naruto Allaince



Land of Fire

Land of Sound

Land of Water

Land of Earth

Land of Tea

Land of Skulls

Land of Ancient

Land of Waterfall

Land of Flowers

Land of Waves

Land of Lightning

Land of Wind

Land of Konohagakuru




Ninja Academy Student



Special Jonin







Monohawks: Hakuro: Hokage

Side: Good

Clan: Unknown

Jutsus: Unkown

Region: Land of Fire

Info: Wears a white like robe with black going down the sides of the robe. Has brown hair, narrow eyes, and tall.


crystal skull: Katuna: Ninja Academy Student

Jutsus: Illusion Clone Jutsu, Ice Kick, Pulpurising Kick

Side: Good

Clan: Unknown

Region: Land of Skulls

Info: apperance-has blue sharingan that allows him to use ice style-freezing illusion.wears a black cloak and has black long hair.6 feet in height and weighs 180 pounds.


DemonX: Saruto: Ninja Academy Student

Jutsus: Flare Jutsu, Poison Gas Jutsu, Fire Style: Dark Wall Justu

Side: Good

Clan: Unknown

Region:Land of Fire

Info: apperance-Blue eyes, blone hair, wears red T-shirt, black pants, blue shoes.


weighs:175 pounds not fat


Legend Zero: Takashi Mikomi

Jutsus: Galactic Spin, Shadow Clone Jutsu, Size Reduction Jutsu, Wind Style: Sparking Winds

Side: Good

Clan: Galactic Ninja

Region: Land of Ancient

Info: http://i339.photobucket.com/albums/n460/...b37f-1.jpg, this is what he looks like


The Red Crusader (Wuja): Ichiraz: Ninja Academy Student

Side: Good

Jutsus: Wind Style: Shadow Clone Jutsu, Wind Release: Small Hurricane, Hurricane Shield

Clan: Shinoda

Region: Land of Fire

Info: Wears a white assassin hooded robe, and sandals with sapphires on them. A sword hangs from his belt.


SoulThieve: Dusk: Ninja Academy Student

Side: Unknown

Jutsus: Vibrating Sword Shock, Vibrating Sound Drill, Sound Style: Humming Deaf

Clan: Unknown

Region: Land of Sound

Info: wears a straw hat, wears black sweater, likes to hide in the dark, and very mysterious, age-15


Sakuke Pitsura: Yssak Pitsura: Ninja Academy Students

Side: Good

jutsus: Shadow Ball, Shadow Art of Beast Mimicry: Phantom Tiger's Jutsu, Dance of the Full Moon

Clan: Pitsura clan

Region: Land of Fire

Info: brown eyes, black hair, wares a black T-shirt, black jeans and a Katana


Primal Release: Primo Reyunaka:Ninja Academy

Side: Good

Jutsus:Earth Release: Underground Projection Fish Technique, Earth Release: Hidden Among Rocks Technique, Multiple Shadow Clone Technique

Clan: Uknown

Region: Land of Earth

Appearance:[spoiler= Appearance]






Pikalover10: Yamanaki Mizukaki: Ninja Academy Student

Side: Good

Jutsus: Konohagakura Clone, Wind Style: Sauram's Sword, Wind Release: Exploding Gust

Clan: Unknown

Region: Konohagakuru

Info: Yamanki wears a white bandana with a red leaf sign. He also wears a black T-shirt and plain keans. He has a case for kunais attached to his left leg(around), and a ninja pounch attached to his belt. He also has crystal blue eyes and blonde spiky hair. He is very micheveous and pranksty.


Dark Necros: Omar: Ninja Academy Student

Side: Unknown



Region: Land of skulls

Info: height: 6'8 weighs: 248 lb



[spoiler=Fan Fic]

[spoiler= Katuna's (crystal skull) Fan Fics]

[spoiler=Chapter 1]

Chapter 1: I' am Katuna, Skull Ninja Student

"Hey Katuna, you're going to be late for the exam!" called Hakuchi. "Yeah, yeah, I know that." "Well you better hurry, it starts in fifteen minutes." Hakuchi went running off to the Ninja Academy, leaving Katuna on his own to get to the Academy. 'Oh man, where's my kunai, I think we are going to be need it for the exam today.' Searching frantically, he started to think he may not need it. "Forget it; I'm going to be late." Katuna said to himself. Without thinking of the consequences for not having the kunai, he rushed out of the door and slammed it. He started to run frantically with a worried look on his face, to the Ninja Academy. Running past all the people that were walking by, he almost stumbled over someone. The person said "Watch it kid!" Katuna didn't care what that guy said, he just kept on running.

Eleven minutes until the exam and Katuna is nowhere near the Academy. "Eleven minutes 'till the exam. I best hurry." Starting to get tired, he was about to stop and walk there, but he just kept on going. Then a herd of cattle crossed right in front of him. "What, oh come on? On all days off the cattle crossing day, it had to be this one. Oh well there be that much." Waiting for 1 minute, the herd was still going. Katuna was starting to get ticked off with it, and then yelled out "Oh come on you stupid cattle, move your lazy bums and get out of the way!" Then the cattle looked at him giving him the 'what' look and snorted. "Uh-oh." Katuna said. Katuna started running for the Academy with the cattle chasing after him. Screaming at the top of his lungs, he ran like mad. "Oh come on, what did I do to deserve this." yelled Katuna.

Five minutes until the exam, and the cattle is still chasing after him. Katuna was wondering to himself 'How long can these cattle keep chasing after me?' And there out of reach was the academy. "There it is, finally. But how do I get rid of these cattle?" looking for a way out of the problem. Hay stack caught his eyes. 'I wonder' wondered Katuna. Then said "Hey guys look a load of delicious hay." The cattle suddenly look at the hay thinking to them self 'Oh that looks good.' They started to go for the hay stack and then munched on it like crazy. "You got to be kidding me?" Katuna was confused of what he saw. "Forget it; I'm going to be late."

One minute until the exam and Katuna is just entering the building. "Yes almost there." Just then a girl called "Hey Katuna, want to walk to the exam together""What, uh-oh, Tenae!" Tenae is a girl that likes him, well sort of. She almost likes him. Tenae grabs his arms and drags him there with him. "Come on, where going to be late." "Yeah, I'm pretty much aware of that." Katuna said in a low voice."I'm sorry what was that?" giving him the usual look. "Uh, never mind." Finally entering the room, Tenae drags him to where they would sit."Well, here we are." Sitting down finally, he notices that Hakuchi was sitting next to him also. "Well at least I'm sitting next to Hakuchi."Okay everyone; take you seats, its finally time for the exam, whether if you will become a Genin or not." "This is it, here we go." Katuna was ready, and his friends as well.

Next time, Genin or No Genin, I will not fail





[spoiler= Saruto's (DemonX) Fan Fics]

None Yet



[spoiler= Takashi Mikomi's (Legend Zero) Fan Fics]

[spoiler= Chapter 1]

Chapter 1: The Galaxy's Newest and Maybe Ninja, Takashi Mikomi

"Well this is swell, why must I be put here with you guys?" Takashi argued. "We don't like it as much as you do Takashi." Honba replied. "What's wrong sitting next to us?" asked Puriti. Realizing, that Takashi didn't have a good answer, he stumbled on his words to make up an excuse. "Uh, well…" just about to answer, the teacher walked in."What, she? She's our exam teacher?" Honba wondered. It was Enpitsu. She is nice of course, but it can lead to strange things. "All righty class, let's get started." Enpitsu announced. "Whoa, wait a minute. What's the exam suppose to be anyway?" a student asked. "Well, the exam will test your knowledge, ninjutsu, tiajutsu, and genjutsu. First we'll start off with the knowledge, and since there are twenty of you I'll ask thirty questions." The other student where dumb strucked. 'What, I don't get it. Why does it matter if there are twenty students and thirty questions, why not give us a paper instead? This is confusing.' wondered Puriti. The others were thinking of this as well. "You see, you need at least one point to pass this part of the exam. The twenty questions will be asked by me, but answered by a certain student. If you get the question right, you get a point. If you answer wrong you get no points." said Enpitsu. "Wait a minute, then whats the other questions for?" asked Takashi. "I'll answer that soon. Right now I'll tell you your questions so listen carefully, okay." Everyone was wondering what the other ten questions where, but they focused on their own question than the other questions.

"Okay, Torento. What is the purpose of the Kunia?" asked Enpitsu. "The purpose of the Kunia is to protect and attack an enemy or ally." "Sorry that’s not correct." said Enpitsu. Four minutes later, it was Takashi's turn. "Alright Takashi, your turn." 'Okay this is it; I got to get this right. If I don't, who knows what will happen next. Something bad I bet.' Takashi wondered. "Okay your question is what are the ten other questions about." Takashi was shocked of what she said. 'The ten other questions, how am I supposed to know that? Is this girl is trying to make me fail or something?' "Uh, are they about…to test are knowledge and quickness of answering it." Everyone was looking at him now. 'What was I thinking, that was a stupid thing to say.' Takashi thought to himself. "That’s correct Takashi." "Say what? You're telling me that was right. That was just a guess though." Takashi said. The other was stumped as well. "Well I guess it was a lucky guess." Enpitsu said.

"Now for the second part of the test. The ten other questions will now be asked. But the rules are a little different now. Now you still get a point if you answer it correctly. But if you get it wrong you lose a point. Everyone can guess at loud what the answer is. Each question will have at least three parts to it. The time limit will be one minute to answer the parts of the questions. When the parts of questions are answered, the people who said it get a point. Those who didn't get it right in the one minute time minute lose a point. Now here is the tricky part. If you don't guess in the one minute time period, you lose a point as well. So think long and hard." explained Enpitsu. Everyone was a reck." Whoa, you can lose so many points; I can tell that very few will past this part of the exam." said Puriti. "Okay class let's begin!" Few minutes later, Puriti had five points, and Honba had three. But I got zero points now. 'These questions are hard.' Takashi thought. "Okay last question, name three types of ninja tools." All the sudden, two class mates yelled out "Weapon, Medical Care." "Correct students. Now does anyone know the last one?"Everyone was stumped, except Takashi. "Hey I know the other one." Everyone turned to see who said it, and only to see Takashi. "It's something like food. I can only name one type right now and its food pills." There was a pause for a moment. Wondering if he got it right or wrong, the suspense was killing Takashi. Then Enpitsu said. "That…is…correct. Food pills are a ninja tool." Everyone was in gasp that the lazy Takashi got it right. Even Takashi's friends were shocked. "Amazing, he wasn't even good in spelling." Honba "There's one thing I know for sure and that is food." Takashi said. 'Of course, there's nothing better for him except food." Honba thought.

"Okay class. Time for the second part. Ninjutsu!" Enpitsu announced. Takashi was ready, and so was his rival Ookami.


Next Time. The Challenge of the Three Courses, Nin-Tia-Gen





[spoiler= Ichiraz's (Wuja) Fan Fics]

Coming Soon



[spoiler= Dusk's (SoulThief) Fan Fics]

None Yet



[spoiler= Yssak Pitsura's (Sasuke Pitsura) Fan Fics]

None Yet



[spoiler=Primo Reyunaka's (Primal Release) Fan Fics]

None Yet



[*spoiler=Omar's (Dark Necro) Fan Fics]

None Yet






Alter Possession Jutsu

Dance of the Full Moon

Earth Release: Hidden Among Rocks Technique

Earth Release: Underground Projection Fish Technique

Earth Style: Pillared Spikes

Fire Illusion Jutsu

Fire Style: Blossoming Fire Jutsu

Fire Style: Dark Wall Justu

Flare Jutsu

Galactic Spin

Hurricane Shield

Icey Flare Tundra Jutsu

Ice Kick

Illusion Clone Jutsu

Illusion Soul Jutsu

Konohagakura Clone

Lightning Style: Thunder Dragon

Multiple Shadow Clone Technique

Poison Gas Jutsu

Pulpurising Kick

Shadow Art of Beast Mimicry: Phantom Tiger's Jutsu

Shadow Ball

Shadow Clone Jutsu

Shadow Shuriken Clone Jutsu

Size Reduction Jutsu

Sound Style: Humming Deaf

Summoning Jutsu

Summoning Jutsu: Reanimation

Summoning Jutsu: Recreation

Vibrating Sound Drill

Vibrating Sword Shock

Water Style: Lighting Drop

Wind Release: Exploding Gust

Wind Release: Small Hurricane

Wind Style: Sparking Winds

Wind Style: Sauram's Sword

Wind Style: Shadow Clone Jutsu



[spoiler=Forum Allainces]




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I will join


justu-fire style-dragon bombs justu,three dragons come and chase the enemy.

fire style-burning blood-where if your blood gets on your opponet,they burn up

ice style-freezing illusion-where if you look at your opponet they start to feel really cold,then there body starts to freeze


region-land of skulls

apperance-has blue sharingan that allows him to use ice style-freezing illusion.wears a black cloak and has black long hair.6 feet in height and weighs 180 pounds.


Tell me if I missed anything

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I will join



Jutsus:Earth Style:Earth Dragon Jutsu-1 to 5 earth like dragons go after the oppoent. Flaming Rasengan-Like Naruto's. Demon Release Jutsu-Become his demon and lvl 1,2,3 release

region-land of fire

apperance-Blue eyes, blone hair, wears red T-shirt, black pants, blue shoes.


weighs:175 pounds not fat

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Welcome to the Naruto Alliance your names will be posted shortely well i did say that you will be assaingned, but what i forgot to tell was that i will assaning them to you. All at ninja academy. Oh I forgot to tell that what clan you come from and what side your on. Good or evil.

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Yes, there would be a banner. But to tell you the truth, I don't know how ot make one. Sorry. Mambye you can help. If anyone can, they will learn a new jutsu, If I make one before you guys do, than no one gets a jutsu.. Welcome to the Naruto Alliance Legand Zero

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Hey guys How about this one


Hers the code if you want ti to be the Naruto Alliance Banner.

I had to make it at a website


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Well, to make good fan fics about a certain character, always start out with a beggining that ties to further chapters. Since crystal skull's character is 16, we should start the story when his character was like 12 or 13, then goes on with his adventures of his characters youth days, it will gradually go on about how his life was back then, then as a chapter reaches his current age, it will pick up on his teenager adentures.

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