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Shin Akuma

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yes! thats right, but first things first: this deck is for fun and for fun only. it is not meant for any of the super competitive games, thats reserved for Tele-DAD, LS, etc. this, is more for little kids to laugh at beast type monsters wearing thongs to kick ass! well, at least not yet of course, but in due time.


Monsters: 20

3 Ojama Black

3 Ojama Green

3 Ojama Yellow

3 Krebons

2 X-Head Cannon

2 Y-Dragon Head

2 Z-Metal Tank

1 Snipe Hunter

1 Morphing Jar


Spells: 12

3 E Tele

2 Poly

2 Ojamagic

2 Ojamuscle

1 Ojama Delta Hurricane!!

1 Future Fusion

1 Lightning Vortex


Traps: 8

3 Sakuretsu

2 Graceful Revival

2 Roll out!

1 Ojama Trio


Extra Deck: 15


2 XZ

2 XY

2 Ojama Knight

2 Ojama King

3 Goyo

2 Iron Chain Dragon


no side deck yet...let the critizisms commence!

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