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Chris: Welcome back to yet another season of TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND. On Season 4 of TDI, we met a few new people that marked a new era of TDI. In season 2 we met 4 people that would stay with us through Season 2 and Season 3. Atticus, Axle, Mac, and Cay. During Season 3 we learned Ami, was using Axle, Renne broke up with Atticus...and Cay has a third eye <_< Yeah, didn't really expect that did ya? Anyway, with Rain, Mac, Axle, Atticus, and Cay, maybe, returning, we are accepting 17 new people! Who knows what will happen in this season of, Total, Drama, Island?!



[spoiler=Teams (NOTE: Voted Off People are crossed out)]

Screaming Gophers

Cay (Yoshigohan *Owen, The Fun Guy*)

Lily (Jack Frost)

Bridgette (Yoshigohan *Owen, The Fun Guy*)

Max (Jack Frost)

Cloud (Cloud W.)

Onimaru (Onimaru)

Light (Dark Necro)

Ami (Axle C.)

Christian (Christian Exodia Juvinile)


Killer Bass

Axle (Axle C.)

Atticus (HyuugaKing)

Hannah (HyuugaKing)

Mac (Maxscool101)

Rain (diosdelbebe)

Kyko (.: Death Whisper Ryko :.)

Renne (HyuugaKing)




Chris: Oh I forgot to mention, we asked Renne, Ami, Alex, Anna, Emily, Ezekiel, Owen, and Izzy if they could wait behind the scenes and talk about how they feel about the show, so far Izzy, Renne, Emily, Owen, and Ezekiel accepted, Now while we wait for Axle, Rain, and Mac's reply for comin' back and waiting for Ami, Alex, and Anna's reply to be behind the scenes. Wait, almost forgot, the campers have 0% idea that they're hiding back there.




No Godmodding

No Psychic and/or Other abilities unless permission is given




Sign-Up Form


Appearance (Please use a pic):


Worst Fear:

Favirote TDI Character:



Type of teen (The Loner, The tough Kid):





[spoiler=Cay's Form]

Name: Cay Brendan

Appearance (Please use a Pic): XIII_Order_09_Demyx.jpg


Worst Fear: Darkness and being alone

Favirote TDI Character:OWEN and CODY

Personality:Nice,Cool, a good friend to most

Bio:Cay was an orphan as a child, witnessing the death of his father by the hands of his twin brother. After, being adopted he had been getting strange abilitys, the abulty of Psycho Kinesis. His adopted family left him in an old building after finding out. During the 2nd season of TDI, he started to go out with Emily. In the 3rd season, he developed, a "Rivalry" with Axle. It was revealed that Cay, had a third eye. And his mother was still alive. Now, during the 4th season. He has learned his mother died. Emily, also broke up with Cay (OOC: Hate to be him)

Type of teen (The Loner, The tough kid): The Orphaned Psychic





Chris: Oh and almost forgot the 2 most important parts.


WARNING!: Weird Cartoon Characters May Appear. So far Mudkip and Stewie Griffin. ^_^


Prize Time :D: Prizes for this TDI RP, are 500 Points and 4 Reps, Enjoy ^_^


EDIT: Theme Songs For Charachters are Now Allowed ^_^


~ A Yoshigohan Production

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Name: Atticus Reynolds



Worst Fear: Roses (Highly Allergic to them)

Favirote TDI Character:Duncan and Noah

Personality:Cool, witty, has a good humor.

Bio:Atticus Reynolds was the winner of last Year's TDI. He joins this time to finally find his lost sister.

Type of teen (The Loner, The tough kid): The Cool, big hearted Guy

OOC: Yes, he dyed his hair.

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OOC: <_< Would I have told you that you could if I wasn't gonna let ya? My newbie will be up in a sec




Name: Bridgette Jones

Appearance (Please use a pic): Kawaii_Anime_Girl_by_N_S__by_anime_freak124.jpg


Gender: Female

Worst Fear: Killing Hurting a loved 1

Favirote TDI Character: Izzy and Bridgette

Personality: ~ Will, yet again, unfold ~

Bio: ~ Read Personalitym ~

Type of teen (The Loner, The tough Kid): The "Courtney"

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Name: Hannah Easter


Gender: Female

Worst Fear: Clowns

Favirote TDI Character: Heather

Personality: U'll find out

Bio: will foind out.

Type of teen (The Loner, The tough Kid): The Hot B*tch.

Favorite catchphrase: I'm here B*tches!

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Name:Alan Gennius





Apperence:The pic in the card 123745oj8.jpg

Worst Fear:Evil Demons

Favirote TDI Character:Trent

Personality: Trent-like

Bio: I'm too lazy.

Type of teen (The Loner, The tough Kid): The Shy dude

Favorite catchphrase: Shut the F*** up I'm reading.

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Hannah comes to the docks and miles and pumps a fist in the air.

"I'm here B*tches!" She cheered. She then walked over to Chris.

"OMFG! Why if it isn't Chris Mclain! UGH! yOu are so hot!" She growled, and she kisses him on the lips.

"You can keep the gum," She said with a whisper to him and she walked off to meet the other campers.

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Atticus comes off the boat with a smile.

"Camp Wawanaquwa, my second home." Atticus said with happiness. He then spots Chris.

"Chris my man! Howz it going!" Said Atticus, slapping Chris a high five and pounding it.

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Hannah then walks in and the two have a full on make out, tongue wrestle.

"Hope grandma's watching at home," Hannah moaned as she grabbed Mac's shirt collar and pulled him behind the bushes.

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