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-To Mods- If You Think My Love Btween Destr Isn't Real Her's The Convesation We Had


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I Had To Do It VIA photobucket XD



there's a hack for my iPhone that lets me upload pics from my camera onto photobucket. I'm doing it now.

O.o Nice



I think this is my best pic if I do say so meself :p




O.o Ur Hot XD X X X

Thanks. So r u. I mean it.


Ahh Thanks


But As I Said B4 im not aloud to see anyone off internet or talk to em via Msn or somin we can talk via card maker tho xd

i know. My school server dosent support messenger sites.(myspace.) but I like talking to you in pm. Its very nice.


XD Ye same

ur actually the only awesome person on the site to me.


Ahh u dont hav eto sa stuff like that......

lolololo it true ur awesome. Everyone else is a retard or gay. Lolol


I Don't Suppouse You Can Look AT My Zombie Cards On Realistic Forums?

willing to spend time together in my opinion is awesome. And that's just wat were doing.



Yea I Suppouse But Here's The Link If U r Gonna Look http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/thread-92340.html

kk' date=' got it.



Kk Kisses XD



Hun Might have to go soon

awwwww. Okay see ya tommorow I guess :'(

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Why should we care about this?


Seriously get a life >.>





Lol' date=' internet dating.


its the same thing as myspace. Which ur on all the time


Myspace fails. I laugh at all idiots who use Myspace.


BTW, am I gay for having a girlfriend I see in person every week? =/


Or am I a retard for not putting capitals on every word Just Like This. This Is What You Do. It Gets Annoying........



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A good friend once told me that online dating doesn't work because you get all depressed when you're not able to actually meet the person.


Oh, it's nice to know that I'm a gay and a retard.


Thank you for posting this thread that has as much of a point as an unsharpened pencil.

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Why just why if your not going to plan on meeting up or something why bother.


Let the world know that Mech King has actually made an INTELLIGENT POST.


It's the end of the world!


I laugh at your so called "True love". She is probably a 50 year old bald rapist.

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