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Arcana Force Deck


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no need to funk with this deck JD, this is just for casual play


Monsters (21)


1x Arcana Force EX-The Light Ruler

1x Arcana Force EX-The Dark Ruler

1x Arcana Force 0-The Fool

1x Arcana Force 6-The Lovers

3x Arcana Force 4-The Emperor

3x Arcana Force 3-The Empress

2x Arcana Force 18-The Moon

3x Arcana Force 7- Then Chariot

3x Arcana Force 14-The Temperance

1x Arcana Force 21-The World

2x Guardian Of The Order


Spells (10)


2x Light Boundary

1x Heavy Storm

1x Monster Reborn

2x Lightning Vortex

1x Terraforming

1x Second Coin Toss

1x The Shallow Grave

1x Card Destruction


Traps (9)


2x Solemn Judgment

2x Arcana Call

3x By Order Of The Emperor

1x Torrential Tribute

1x Mirror Force

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Can you guys read? It says its just for fun!!!


So shut up and stop criticizing him


9. The Jack Witt Clause


All deck topics are treated as rate and fix topics. This means that' date=' when you post your deck, you will receive comments and evaluations of the deck's quality from other members and suggestions as to how to improve it. If you cannot deal with this, then do not post your deck. If you post your deck and then show that you cannot or will not accept constructive criticism, you will not only appear childish but also run the risk of having your topics closed.



If you have a problem take it up with Crab Helmet. He made that rule. Not me.

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