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Lock Nao

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Extra Deck: 15


3x Stardust Dragon

2x Goyo Guardian

2x Thought Ruler Archfiend

1x Red Dragon Archfiend

1x Black Rose Dragon

1x Colossal Fighter

1x Magical Android

1x Tempest Magician

1x Doomkaiser Dragon

1x Gladiator Beast Gyzarus

1x Gladiator Beast Heraklinos


Monsters: 20


1x Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End

1x Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning

1x Chaos Sorcerer

2x Judgment Dragon

2x Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress

2x Wulf, Lightsworn Beast

2x Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner

1x Jain, Lightsworn Paladin

1x Ehren, Lightsworn Monk

3x Plaguespreader Zombie

3x Destiny Hero - Malicious

1x Destiny Hero - Disk Commander


Spells: 21


3x Solar Recharge

3x Allure of Darkness

3x Destiny Draw

2x Charge of the Light Brigade

2x Foolish Burial

1x Painful Choice

1x Pot of Greed

1x Graceful Charity

1x Raigeki

1x Harpie's Feather Duster

1x Monster Reincarnation

1x Monster Reborn

1x Premature Burial


Traps: 1


1x Torrential Tribute


Rate / Fix.

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Great 9/10. But' date=' with most of the synchros, after their destroyed etc. you cant use them again, unless monster reborn is used, and your only allowed 1 reborn. whats the point of the glad Beasts? take up space?



Goyo Guardian and Monster Reborn. They take advantage of opposing Gladiator Beasts and use them against a Gladiator Beast player. What's better is, they dont take up Main Deck space.

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