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solaris7's small shop: cruuently hiring:p


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ok here i'm the current only employee but i'm hirring you'll get 20pts a week for working here from me

plz pay for item when you recieve


Duel mats


This an example for my duel mats.

Order fourm


2 or 1 player


Custom pokemon trainers 2 pts

i'll try to get an example up soon as posible

order fourm

trainer type (diamond pearl and platinum)

pokemon to be merged with (max 2)

Specifit parts to be added to trainer (optional)


Pokemon trainer cards


order fourm


Trainer type (diamond pearl and platinum)

Pokemon (max 6)

pokemon genders (if not done they will not be a gender)

badges (what reigon's)



as time goes by this will update with new items


employee regestry

name (online)

reason for wanting employment

skills and what you can do


to regester plz post a reply bellow or pm me

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