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Hi Hi!


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I don't remeber having an introduction thread so I guess now's the time time to make one.


Anyway, Konichiwa YCM!


I already am making myself at home with the other members and I hope my future cards will be liked by all.


Misc. Facts:


-I'm a girl

-I can actually handle criticism

-NEVER call me a noob please


Okay? :D

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from the konichiwa i would guess your japanease so

Ohyu Guzimus. i thinks thats spelt incorrectly.

Anyway welcome to YCM have a great time and read the rules and youl make many frinds.


Um... it's actually, "Ohaiyo Gonzaimasu"


But thanks for the effort! :D


And thanks for the "Hi"s everyone!

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Im glad that you can handle critscim' date=' unlike alot of noobs who cant, anyway, welcome to the forums!



Didn't she say not to call he a noob. "Unlike alot of NOOBS who cant..."


Telling someone not to call you a noob just makes someone want to call you a noob.


That's the reason I said it.

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