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Hi every and welcome to Any pokemon you would possible want shop we sell any pokemon from Arceus to bulbasaur all you have to have is pokemon pearl or diamond and you have to have wifi


[spoiler=times i'm open]

duning the weekend and some times monday -friday depends on my homework



[spoiler=rules of the shop]

no spamming

no cursing



[spoiler=order form]

what pokemon you want:

do you want you pokemon to hold a master ball:

what level do you want it:









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If the Pokemon come at level 100, I would like to order.


I would like a Togekiss, no need for the Master Ball.

I would also like an Ampharos, no need for a Master Ball.


If you need my FC, tell me.


Are there any other item choices except for Master Balls?


EDIT: How much do I need to pay you?

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I am part of this shop i can get you rare candies and other items just ask and me or midnight Will post it in the pokemon worldwide trading thing the pokemon and you must tell us what pokemon you are trading for it and it can be at any level

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So, I can get any item to be held to my Pokemon? In that case, can I have one Soul Dew and one Macho Brace?


It doesn't matter which Pokemon(s) you attach em to, just note that I ordered two, so it would be nice if you attached it to those.


Also, can I pay in YCM Points?

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