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I Was Watching iCarly...

Cowboy Dan

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Last night, I was watching iCarly, (the Kisses & Misses special) and i figured like Freddy & Carly would kiss, but I was VERY far off. At the end of the episode FREDDY & SAM KISS! I fainted, and I don't faint easily. THe last time I fainted was when I thought they were taking my favorite candy off the market (Milk Duds). Anyway, the main reason this thread was created was so people would have a place to talk about iCarly, like what they think about the relationships. My opinion, Freddy & Sam. And, you psycho people might want Freddy & Carly. So, post YOUR opinions.

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This topic is boring. I assume the title is a subliminal message. I found the following:


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