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The Strange Chimera: Chronicles of Iron [RP][PG-13]


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Mankind has always been afraid of the Darkness. The unknown, the things that it cannot see or understand, it has been afraid of it all. The same is on the half moon planet of Calypso where the planet's axis never truly turns. Except this time the fear is increased ten fold- prejudice on either sides results in a never ending conflict between the Light and Dark sides of the planet. The hate, prejudice and fear was so intense that it formed into one sentient being- the creature known as DreadFear. It is the pure embodiment of fear, and with this power it manipulated soldiers on either Sides to form the world syndicate known as Strange Chimera. Intent on conquering Calypso with his armies of fear and death, DreadFear is so far unstoppable. But there are those who choose to take advantage or stop DreadFear's armies... question is, who are you?


[spoiler=List of Playable Species on Calypso]

Light Side

Since they're lives are lived in eternal light, creatures on the light side of Calypso are usually efficient sleepers and have horrible night vision.

Elves: Humanoid insects that usually inhabit the treetops of the forests on the Light Side of Calypso. Their subspecies vary depending on the type of forest- the Elves that inhabit rain forest are usually praying mantis-like with bat like wings while the ones that inhabit boreal forests and wide pine wildernesses usually have bipedal dragonfly bodies with damsonfly like wings. They're society is mostly bent on respecting their brood mother and elders of the tribe, and kill anyone who insults them. They are also highly superstitious and each tribe has it's own Seer or Prophet. They are usually good archers and healers. Extremely religious.

Dragons: One of the most oldest residents of Calypso besides the Wyverns, Dragons are fierce sentient reptiles that have achieved many technological advances not yet made by bipeds. They have very light scales yet they are very hard, that not even an Ogre can punch threw. They also can soak up the heat of the sun in their scales and use it extensively for fire breathing. Dragons are also usually rulers of many of the cities sprawled across the Light Side of Calypso. Despite their wisdom and intelligence they have an extensive patriarchal society and many male Dragons are extremely sexist, despite the fact that female Dragons can way ten kilograms and ten metres above a male Dragon. Sworn enemy of the Wyverns, who have had a war since time in memorial. Some say that the war between the Dragons and Wyverns started conflict between the Light and Dark Sides. Mostly atheists.

Dwarves: A race that evolved in murky caverns mostly dependent on camouflage, Dwarves have earned the title of "Rock People". They are usually brutish and not very intelligent, but there forges are famed through out Calypso and their ability to detect minerals from the lowest points of the ground have earned their legendary reputation. They usually don't know how to read and mark their digging tunnels with crude pictures and symbols labeled Dwarvspeak. They are unique to the Light Side in a way that they do not extensively fear the Darkness, since they usually inhabit the tunnels in which they dug minerals. Very agnostic.

Calape: A race of crude ape like creatures that were just recently gifted with intelligence about a million years ago. They are usually used by Dragons as farmers, laborers and assistants. Calapes are a very good working force and have set up many colonies and their population has increased rapidly due to their heavy breeding. So, Calapes make up most of the population of the Light Side of Calypso and are usually used as front line soldiers. Get along famously with Elves. Culturally diverse, but mostly religious.

Dark Side

Since their world is totally eclipsed in darkness, most of the species of the Dark Side of Calypso are either blind or highly nocturnal. Some, like Trolls, may have an extreme weakness to light of any kind, but are extremely useful in their own environment- Darkness.

Vampires- A race of bat like quadrupeds which rely on night vision and echolocation for locomotion and search for prey, Vampires are extremely efficient hunters and predators. The setback is that due to the lightness of the blood, plasma is constantly lost and burned up when Vampires start to move. So, Vampires feed off of the blood of other creatures for it's own survival to obtain it's precious plasma. Usually hired as assassins by Wyverns or Trolls. Most Vampires are solitary creatures, which is good, for if they were grouped together they'd killed eachother off. Extremely agnostic.

Wyverns: Wyverns are the stuff of nightmares for the Light Side of Calypso- the embodiment of everything they had learned the hate. Wyverns are eyeless, writhing wyrms that were around and ruled the planet before the Dragons were born. They are all psychopaths who manipulate others frequently. They have expert sharp senses and giant claws and their enslavement of the Trolls as their workforce was a show of their superiority. Besides that, Wyverns are wickedly intelligent and manipulative, able to observe and know even the slightest weakness of their opponent. But, their pride usually lets them overestimate their opponents and is a great weakness for the grey worm like reptiles. They are all atheists.

Goblins: Blind, toad like abominations, Goblins travel in packs usually headed by their Pack Chieftain, the greatest warrior in the pack. They evolved from scavenging dead carcasses of Wyverns and other animals in the Dark Side of Calypso and breed like wildfire, making them wide spread across all of Calypso. They are usually captured by Trolls or Wyverns and used to fight in the front lines as cannon fodder and are the main prey of Vampires. They are usually cowards. Religious.

Trolls: The Trolls are a warrior race, born and bred. They have been respected by friend and foe alike for their ferocity in battle and reasonable negotiations with others. Those that live on the Dark Side of Calypso are the greatest of all- except their fatal weakness. Sunlight heavily burns a Dark Side Troll's skin, and thus are usually kept in the back lines and border guards. They are humanoids that are famous for their enormous noses and are usually covered in fur. Mostly religious.




Name and Title:

Age: (Dragons and Wyverns can live up to 150 years, Trolls 70 years, Goblins 25 years, Calapes and Elves 70 years, Dwarves 100 years, Vampires 80 years)

Race: (Look above)

History/Bio: (What has happened from when you were born, to now)

Personality: (At least 3 to 4 sentences)

Weapon of Choice:

Special Characteristics: (Like, he has an extra ear, one eye's large than the other, etc...)

List of Skills: (What is your character skilled at?)

List of Weaknesses: (Mandatory, your character has to have weaknesses.)


Well... I think that's it. Enjoy!:D

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Name and Title: First Class Captain Aragonias Brownbranch

Age: 28

Race: Rainforest Elf

[spoiler=History/Bio] Aragonias is born in a middle class family. His father is an advisor of the High Lord in their tribe, while his mother is a housewife, and Aragonias is their only child. Aragonias worked as a fieldworker until the age of 16, when he joined the Tribe's forces. He advanced through ranks with years, reaching the rank of the First Class Captain at the age of 21.


Aragonias' battle experience is mediocre. He participated in 18 battles until now, 11 being of small caliber. He became famous for winning a battle 3 years ago with only 150 soldiers against 1000. He is also famous as the only one in his tribe to use a yathagan.


Aragonias lives in a shack, alone. Until now, he was married once, but his mate was killed during an invasion.


Personality: Aragonias himself is a simple person. He loves art and drawing. Aragonias doesn't trust any stranger, and never paricipates in diplomatical encounters. He is usually the one who picks up the fight first. He hates when people make fun of his eyes. He is very tactical, and knows every combination that is known to the planet of Calypso.

Weapon of Choice: A yathagan, bow and arrows.

Special Characteristics: His eyes have different colors(one is blue, the other is hazel).

List of Skills:




-Great Agility

List of Weaknesses:

-Low Strength

-Pikes/Maces/Any weapon that is not Sword or Bow

-Easily irritated if someone makes fun of his eyes.

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Name and Title: Junior Prophet Zacharias Felmoon

Age: 23

Race: Rainforest Elf

History/Bio: Zacharias had had always thought about different things and ways of explaining them when he was about 7. He came upon and tried to explain his own ideas of why things were. This trait earned him some disfavour but it granted him the oppertunity to become a prophet for his tribe. He began training when he was 13 and has so been continuously training for 10 years. He has learned much in the ways of using his healing magic, and when to use it.

Personality: He usually tries to use his slightly extended vocabulary when talking. He does not usually get along with the other prophets, besides his master. He is constantly seen thinking when not talking or practising his art, many are too afraid to actually snap him out of it.

Weapon of Choice: Staves of hardened wood

Special Characteristics: His wings are pitch black, which was considered a dark omen of bad luck.

List of Skills:

-Planning out strategies

-Coming up with deep meaningful sayings

-Can cast most healing magics

-Very good at bludgeoning things with his staff

List of Weaknesses:

-Never learned to use other weapons

-Cannot fight when closed in or outnumbered

-The fact that he might loss his mind one day

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@freeman: The Dragon and Wyvern technologies are very advanced, though they do not like sharing it with anyone living outside their cities. But Wyverns usually equipped their high ranking soldiers with advanced weapons for combat.


@Fenrir's Herald: Yes, Wyverns do have wings.


@BH15: You are accepted.


@Wuja: Accepted, but saw some vocabulary mistakes. Elves don't have "wives", they have a "mate", which is usually the brood mother of that tribe who gives birth to all the larvae of the Tribe. Otherwise, accepted. Also, are you a Forest or Rain Forest Elf?

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Guest Supreme Gamesmaster

Or future age, like giant particle taser gatlings.


chara max plz?



Name and Title: Lord Halagdrandr Exedrolvi von Exaven

Age: 54

Race: Dragon


The Duke Exaven of the Mevanl Dukedom was caught between a rock and a hard place even before Halagdrandr's birth. Exaven Estate was practically on the border between the Light and Dark Sides of Calypso, with a similar family of Wyverns in vaguely the same position on the other side. However, Mevanl Dukedom was at that point also bordered by the Elven forest of Thruke; the Wyvern Dukedom of Sanft, on the other side, was bordered by the aggressive Troll city of Antrebein. Neither side was willing to do anything but spread petty contempts to improve the morale of their neighbors, as each feared hostilities from the other.


Meanwhile, Halagdrandr himself was raised by several nannies. Most were male; however, Saravna Mvalastr Hersahaft managed to pass herself of as male and secretly teach Halagdrandr tolerance towards females. As Saravna was by far the best of Halagdrandr's caretakers, her mission was a complete success. Halagdrandr was originally very rebellious, as he was quite stubbornly passionate about the virtues he was being taught; however, several years of not making a dent in the status quo made him soon take a different approach: one of persistent subtlety and manipulation of the broken system his world was governed by.


Halagdrandr's influence, intelligence, patience, and virtue, however, quickly became legendary in Antrebein. This began in relatively routine events. As Halagdrandr loathed the idea of a leader being out of touch with his subjects, he repeatedly toured his Dukedom, soon finding that many families kept female dragons as servants. He decided that the sexism could be tolerated as long as these servants were willing. However, it wasn't long before he encountered an influential merchant's overseer severely beating a more strong-willed servant, who quickly managed to turn the fight around, despite the fact that she was a rather petite, untrained dragon and he a well-trained behemoth, and incapacitate the overseer. As a result, eight security guards converged on her, knocked her out, and imprisoned her with a death sentence, unaware of Halagdrandr's awareness. Completely taken with the young woman at this point, the ethically sound Lord soon developed a plan to release her. He sent a few of his inspectors to launch a surprise inspection of the area, knowing that the execution was highly illegal, and that it wouldn't take place if an inspection was anywhere near. In the meantime, he quickly incapacitated the guards to the incarcerated servant's cell and freed her. Realizing that his nobility would constantly serve as a mask his true self, he immediately fled the area, returning anonymously to sentence the merchant's arrest once the freed captive had emerged from the dungeons.


Furious at himself for allowing his love to slip away anonymously, if into a decent life, Halagdrandr fled home and traveled to the Dark Side of Calypso. He'd trained there extensively as a child warrior, learning how to light fires in his retinas to see properly, and hoped to find Antrebein. Though he was nearly shot and stoned to death by suspicious, terrified Troll civilians, he was rescued by the leader of a rebellion campaign in Antrebein, Einsicht Innerste Rhbalto. Einsicht and his group wanted Antrebein to venture into the Light Side and ally with both Sanft and Mevanl in order to help defeat the prejudice between the Light and Dark Sides of the planet, as well as the Troll race's photophobia. Halagdrandr then revealed his identity to them, sympathizing heavily with Einsicht's ideologies, and offered a plan certain to ensure the alliance. First, Einsicht would lead a revolt against Antrebein's widely disliked government while Halagdrandr baited Thruke into attacking Sanft. After Einsicht had firm control over Antrebein, Halagdrandr would trick Thruke into attacking Sanft, at which point the Antrebein military would intervene and stop the attack. Halagdrandr would at this point have been gone from the palace; Antrebein will claim that Sanft rescued Halagdrandr from Thruke.


This plan is being carried out now. Einsicht Rbalto is the leader of Antrebein, and Thruke has begun its siege on Sanft. However, Thruke's armies were far more powerful than anticipated. Unable to battle in case he's recognized, Halagdrandr can only plan, and wait...



Personality: He seems stubborn, ill-tempered, and passionate about distinctly non-draconic morals. However, he's actually far more reserved than he appears, and usually has hidden motives if he does something seemingly impulsive. He's extremely patient and charismatic, and is expert at manipulating opponents. He's honorable and ethical enough, though, that he rarely lets his power get out of control.

Weapon of Choice: This bad thing. Image © Nara (or is it Nora? hard to read... :?)

Special Characteristics: His scales are mutated into what appears to be a permanent armor. Particularly of note is the massive silver-and-black scale that forms his "helmet"; it has mutated into a bizarre shape with extremely practical uses. One might say he's a very successful genetic experiment.

List of Skills:

•Close combat




List of Weaknesses:


•Can be overpowered fairly easily if he loses his temper

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OoC: Mayh I reserve? I would like to edit this tomorrow.


Name and Title: Lord Travitor del Flandur

Age: 36

Race: Wyvern

History/Bio: When he was born he was left to raise himself, and he did just that. He joined the dark side's army early on and became know for his tactical genius and superiority in battles. He was eventually given a Vampire assistant and allowed to do as he pleased, he continued with the dark side's army and has stayed there ever since. He is a veteran and dislikes it when new fledglings come in.

Personality: A wise wyvern, he can appear to be cold at times do to his appearance.

Weapon of Choice: http://makani.deviantart.com/art/dwayna-s-spear-54276872 Dwayana Spear. Believe it or not but he got this from a killed dragon.

Special Characteristics: Unlike most Wyverns he has scales on his body, giving him protection. He also, strangely has eyes. Both pitch black, Since his eyes match his bodies color it's hard to tell if he is actually looking at you or not. He is a pitch black color and his claws are like raptor's.

List of Skills: He is very fast, able to break the sound barrier in less then 30 seconds. He is the tactical genius of the dark side. He can control his pride most of the time. He can breath a sort of electricity to torture subjects.

List of Weaknesses: Reckless at times when victory is obvious, when he can't control his pride he is very easily killed.

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All right, Fenrir's Herald, you are reserved. And Supreme Gamemaster is accepted.


EDIT: Also, you can have at least two characters (if your invited) Also, Trolls have kind of a good reason for their photophobia... sunlight burns them.

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Name and Title: Clay Russi

Age: 18

Race: Calape

History/Bio: as most Calape Clay was a farmer for a Dragon clan that he did not know much about, he was that for most of his life... But as time parsed on and on the other farmers where not taking a liking there Dragon overlords soon the sparks of rebellion happened ten of the Farmers including Clay formed the Terran pirates they killed the Dragon and took over the farm. But a few months after the took control a drought cut all water from the farm leading to its death. So after the TP left and headed for Dragon farms to help out there other Calape kind. A couple of years pasted and the TP got stronger and stronger but they have lost there purpose and started to attack trade lines from any race not just the Dragons. So at eighteenth Clay left them and headed towards the main light cites looking for work as a hired hand.

Personality: A bit recast and a bit anti-social to the other races but to his own kind or if you know him that well he is calm and cool minded. But when he is ordered or is forced to do something he becomes rash and unpredictable. but in the end he has equal feelings to all of the other races he will never fully like any one of the Dragon race.

Weapon of Choice: Steel long Sword, wooden staff with a bronze tip.

Special Characteristics: he has complete Red eyes as seen in rare albinos on this world but his skin is as of normal tanesh color.

List of Skills: do to his years as a Bendite he is an escalate racketeer and diplomat to other in his previous Job position, also as his years as a farmer he knows more about plates then most other races.

List of Weaknesses: he is closed mined to other opinions, and life as a pirate was not easy on him he has had several bones broken and he has permanent scares all over his body making the skin softer then usual.

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Guest Supreme Gamesmaster

From my point of view, he's "freeing" the Calapes from service. I like the app; after all, not all Calapes would be so inclined towards freedom, or so abhor servitude. I think it'd make for some interesting plot twists.


EDIT: Other app will be up soon. Also, Einsicht <3 natural selection.

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Yes, but it isn't slave labour at all. Calapes go into Dragon's cities, live in the city's houses, and since there is no real form of currency on Calypso, farming plots of lands for Dragons is basically like "paying the rent". But anyway, your still accepted.

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thanks Gamesm... and well i thought scene the Calapes where new on the block i thought of what the humans did to the cavemen... and boy are we going to have fun.

Yes' date=' but it isn't slave labour at all. Calapes go into Dragon's cities, live in the city's houses, and since there is no real form of currency on Calypso, farming plots of lands for Dragons is basically like "paying the rent". But anyway, your still accepted.



oka bacicly he is a bandit on a dumbfounded journey

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