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The Triple Team Tournament! No entry fee!


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[align=center]Welcome to "The Triple Team Tournament"!


So this is a little thing I came up with where you guys

join and I will assign you on one of three different teams.

You will be making cards for special rounds I made in this

contest that you and your team will have to make together.



1. No spamming or flamming.


2.I will assign you to different teams, 3 different teams.

There is the RED team, BLUE team, and the GREEN team. If your with a friend, chances are your both going to be on different teams.


3. When a challenge arises, you must make a card made for the round. So if an EARTH attribute, Warrior-Type, blah, blah, blah, needs to be made, you need to each make one. But dont post them yet! I will make each of your team forums. And your team will have to decide on which of the cards you all posted on your team forum you will have represent for the challenge and post it.


4. Team forums are in general!


5. Prizes, Prizes...

how about

1st: 5 reps, 100 points?

2nd: 1 rep, 50 points.


6. 4 star members and above can only join!


7. By the way, when 1 of the teams loses (Ill score each of your cards, and who ever gets the lowest...) They will each go to their team forums and review eachothers cards. then, theyll PM me which person they want booted of. Oh, and the person who has their card represented has immunity.


8. Just to warn you, there will be many twists in this contest. And the contest will begin when I have all teams filled. And Ill post many other things when the contest begins. Like team forums, how long the challenge will be, and the challenge. And the voting system...


There is no challenge yet. I am waiting for 18 members to join. 6 people on each team.


RED team:

1. SushiTheLegend

2. JOV1

3. Atomix




BLUE team:

1. X-31 Fighter

2. kalimo





GREEN team:

1. Diedra

2. sonic_zach

3. Frozen.Sub-Zero





If you have any questions, I can answer them (except for, like, the meaning of life.)[/align]

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can i be in the "filler list"... i know i am not 4 stars..but i would like to join if possible.. just in case u need someone to fill the spot up. :)


You'll need to come back 4 stars if you want to enter.


The others are excepted, but to many people want to be in the red! Im going to put you people in random spots.

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