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Black Rose Phoenix®

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[align=center]YCM BOOKIES


Welcome to the YCM bookies, here, we don’t sell items, we bet contest around YCM.

All you do is bet on who you think is going to win the contest, and if you win, you get the points you betted donated from me, if you loose however, you must pay me, you will not be forgotten, there is a list of members in debt, and you shall pay.


I like to help members on YCM, so to stop you making a totally pointless move, you may not bet more than 100 points.


The judges of a contest may not bet on the contest being judged, as it will be unfair trade for you actually deciding who wins. You may pick a head to head bet if you want, you and another member shall make a bet, I will make it official, and the looser must pay the winner.


Betting Form


Contest you would like to bet on:

How much would you like to bet:

Any other prizes you would like in interest (YCM voucher, reps…):




[spoiler=Members currently better (and there contest):]


Name: Ωmega

Contest you would like to bet on: Sunday, January 11th Steelers/Chargers football game.

How much would you like to bet: 15 points on the Steelers.



[spoiler=Death Metal:]

Name: Death Metal

Contest you would like to bet on: Saturday 1/10/09. Baltimore Ravens vs. Tennessee Titans.

How much would you like to bet: 50pts on the Ravens.








[spoiler=1 on 1 Challenges:]







[spoiler=Unpaid customers:]







[spoiler=Banned members (from this shop):]




This can be caused from over due debt or other, try to avoid;







I declare this shop open on the: 5th Jan. 2009



Thank you for visiting.



~Black Rose Phoenix®



©: This thread is copyrighted (only on YCM). Unless I retire, nobody may make a store with this content. [/align]

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