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Trap card. Fire's Premature Sacrifice. PLEASE COMMENT


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[align=center]And here's what we've all been waiting for.



Effect: This card can only be activated when 1 or more FIRE monsters your control are destroyed and sent to the Graveyard. For each FIRE monster destroyed by your card effects, you take 500. When a FIRE monster you control is destroyed by a card effect, your opponent must remove from play Monster Cards from their Deck equal to the number of FIRE monsters sent to the Graveyard by card effects.


Image Credit: Saunders

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fair enough. I'm probably gonna change it anyway.


Hm...after looking at Backfire, it's kind of like this but this is more of a way to get rid cards. Kinda like a mill...perhaps I should make a set of FIRE cards that can remove themselves from the field :lol:


Thanks for the comment though. At least you actually did :lol:

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