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Some random cards


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These are some random cards (I edited them and +1 in)


These are my cards, if you wonder why i have a lot of girl cards, i just don't see girl cards often, i am a boy, i got these pics from photobucket (My own) look at them yourself -> http://s271.photobucket.com/albums/jj124/killertrey_bucket/ there are a lot of pictures (Use any of them, i really don't care)

I know they skip around from 1-2-3-6 on the ID codes

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The Vampire Mercenary

Pay 500 points during your Standby/End Phase or destroy this face-up card.

LVL7 + NO TRIBUTE + 2300ATK = Overpowered


Average Demon - Unavaragely Overpowered




FLIP: Special Summon in face-up Defence position 1 WATER monster with 1500 or less DEF points from your Deck.


Well, FLIP and "Hi, Instant Giga Gagagigo !


All cards = 6/10 (You can do better)

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